What you need to know about the walk-in shower tub combo


A tub shower combination may be an essential part that you are missing in your bathroom experience. Adapting the idea of a combo of these two can result incredibly. Innovative ideas can change the appearance of your bathroom drastically.


Are you having trouble selecting an appropriate design for your bathroom? Let us bring you the spectacular designs and creative ideas that can transform the whole look of your walk-in shower or even a large bathroom.


To provide you with a better analysis of the benefits as well as drawbacks of the combination of tub and shower, we have provided the pros and cons of adopting this idea. You can read them to analyze whether you really need the bathroom renovation and transfer it or not.


Here is an ultimate guide that you read to know all about shower tub combinations.

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  • You can save more space and add multiple useful items to the bathroom that you have wished to add to your small bathroom. When you install this combination into your bathroom, it saves space rather than taking up more area.
  • These are one of the most affordable methods that you can adopt. You can renovate your bathroom by choosing any of the affordable ideas above. It’ll save up your money as well as make your bathroom attractive.
  • The combination of tubs and shower will meet the needs of your family, friends, and all the guests. The combinations will make you feel that your renovation is meeting all of your needs for a perfect innovative bathroom.
  • If you are moving out, you can take your favorite combination of tub and shower along with you to your destination and re-install it. On the other hand, a well-designed bathroom with a creative look can increase the value of your apartment.


  • The drawbacks are also along with the advantages of the walk-in showers. You have to get into the tub even to check the water. While some modern bathtubs provide anti-scald valves but they are not supposed to be foolproof.
  • In comparison with traditional bathrooms and shower heads, these combinational bathroom takes more water input to provide the ultimate experience. Consequently, you have to waste more water to take a shower. While you can take a shower with less water, this is a bigger disadvantage.
  • Adjusting the temperature of water takes some extra time. You have to check more than one time the temperature of the water before getting the shower. Ultimately it takes more time and wastes your time.

Bottom line 

The walk in shower tub combo idea is beneficial in many aspects. You can save space, change the appearance of your bathroom and experience an ultimate shower. 

While the drawbacks also lie there. You have to waste some extra water, time, and money. You should adapt this idea if you really want to renovate your bathrooms and need the tub and shower combination.

The benefits and drawbacks will make it easier for you to decide whether you can afford this combo idea or not.

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