The common uses of a trench digger


The trenchers are heavy-duty machines that have common usage for earth moving. Whatever the type you choose for your usage, the basic features of all these types are the same. These trenchers have a metal chain along with the teeth of high steel material.

It makes the machine tear the ground, lift it and move the massive part of the earth. The sheer size and the strength of this machine have, make it capable of tearing a heavy tree. The main usage of trencher is different for each type.

The fundamental types and uses of trench diggers are below.

Chain Trencher 

The design of the chain trencher is like a chainsaw. The use of these chain trenchers is common for digging belts or chains for cutting into the ground. Due to the flexibility feature of these chain trenchers, they are able to cut narrow as well as deep trenches.

Wheel trenchers

Depending upon the nature, these are also known as rock wheels. The toothed metal of the wheel has the capacity to be used for both soft and hard soils. This type of trenchers is at its best if you have a surface where there are multiple rock formations.

Micro trenchers 

These are specific for the ‘micro trenches. The dimensional design of the micro trenchers is smaller than conventional trenchers. The range of the width of the micro trenchers is from 0.5 inches to 2 inches. The depth of these trenchers is up to two feet.

The basic usages of the trenchers are:

  • Having the capacity to cut the pavements. The wheel trenchers discussed above are mostly used for cutting through the rock, pavements, or concretes. The large-toothed metal design of the trencher male is perfect for cutting the concrete and pavements.
  • For creating the drainage, chain trenchers are appropriate. For both the sewage and water runoff, these chain trenchers are highly effective. For digging drainage to manage water runoff, then the chain trencher can do this job quickly. 
  • For shoveling and digging up to four feet in depth, the walk behind trenchers is efficient.
  • For digging up the electric wires, chain trenchers are easy to handle and effective for excavated materials. It allows you to dig bigger trenches for electrical wires as well as install them appropriately. You can spend lesser time through the chain trenchers and save your precious time for other tasks.
  • The chain trenchers are also effective in eliminating the excavated materials for piping work. For underground pathways and water or sewage piping, the chain trenchers would be great.
  • For snipping the roots, the portable trenchers are best to produce a lawmaker blade effect that can easily sever roots.

Final Verdict

The above uses of each type of trench digger would be a great guide for you in choosing the appropriate one for your lawn. The basic usage of trenchers makes it easier to do heavy tasks in lesser time. So, choose a trench digger that suits your needs.


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