Your FAQs about wax melters answered


If you are going to buy some wax melters for your place, you should know some aspects about them. You should know what appropriate size would be better for your living or dining room. Some of the basic customer queries and the answers in this article will clear out your ambiguities about them.

Where did the wax burners originate?

Well, there is no record of the exact year of its origin. It was Herman Frasch who introduced paraffin wax as one of the top wax types. In a glass or pottery burner, the leftover scented candle wax was poured. About ten years ago, in the United States, different brands of candles adapted the idea of wax melters and launched different styles of wax burners.

For how long the wax burns in the melters?

The common wax burners last for one to two weeks. The lifetime of wax depends upon the design and capacity of the burners. A wax melter may last only a few days, providing the burning facility for some hours each day. 

At each renewal, you’ll notice that the aroma is lesser than the first time. However, not all wax melters provide this refilling facility.

What do you have to put in the wax burners?

Different wax burners provide the facility of inserting wax tarts or pieces of wax or small candles. With different perfumes within, these melts contain the traditional wax used in general candles. 

These wax melts are the fundamental part of the burners. The flame melts the cube-shaped wax, and the aroma spreads in your space. For an extraordinary experience, you can combine different flavors of wax and enjoy the ultimate aroma.

How can we differentiate between wax and a candle burner?

A wax burner uses different sections of little cubes of wax for burning. These cubbies contain the same wax and aroma that a cable has. At the same time, the candle burners comprise traditional candles that melt in a pot or on the surface without melting the wick. 


The wax burners are better depending upon the security measures. You can lessen the fire risk by alternating traditional candles with wax burners. Another advantage of a wax burner is that the wax melts, and the aroma comes out for one to two weeks. But the candles melt for one, and the aroma is no more while you have the melted wax in the pot.

How can we clean these wax melters?

The simple and easy method can be adapted in this regard. You can clean the wax melter by simply heating it. Remove the burning source and pour the wax out. The whole material in the burner will come out gently. Now upon cooling down, wipe the bottom with cotton balls.

Does these wax melters safe to use?

Comparatively, the wax burners are safe to use. You can avoid the toxic material that comes out when a traditional candle burns. The wax burners also omit the use of different harmful chemicals, providing you with a clean, safe aroma.

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