Summer- The Best Time For Renovation

The clear blue sky where the sun slowly warms the air while drying the morning due, yes, that’s summer. It is often thought of to be the best time to avoid renovation as the demand for renovation is high. However, in the current housing market, demand is high throughout the year. Hence, homeowners need to think of other reasons why summer is the ideal time to renovate their houses.

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Summer provides the best time for renovation in terms of good weather conditions as it dries the paint quickly. This weather does not only help with the paint but also with basement waterproofing. We get a much-appreciated break from the rain during summers, and this is the optimal time to waterproof your basement which might be prone to leakages. It’s the best time to work without the mess of rain and mud. 

Top Reasons To Renovate In Summers

The summer season offers many benefits, do not let the “summers are too busy” rumours scare you. 

Summer Break

Summer usually has a slower pace for most families. It is the time when most families travel, meaning they will be away for most of the renovation. It is convenient for both the homeowner and the contractor. As summers are not the time when families are hosting parties, having your space invaded for renovation work would be less disruptive than in colder months.

Warm Weather

One of the best benefits of summer renovation is the warm weather. It makes work easier for the contractors and will ensure fewer delays due to bad weather. A splendid warm sunny day is the best time to choose the perfect paint and design from the royale play design catalogue to paint the house as the paint would dry quickly.

Guest Ready Home Before Holidays

From Dussehra, Diwali to entertaining guests during New Year’s Eve, your home will probably be a beehive of activities during the holidays.

You would want a home fit for hosting people for this time of the year. Summers are the best time for you to prepare a guest-ready home for the busiest period of the year. For instance, you might want to consider remodelling the kitchen, considering most of the time will be spent in the kitchen during the holiday season to prepare meals.

The bathroom is the most visited room in the home, it speaks a lot about your personality. You can also consider revamping your bathroom to have a splendid bathroom for guests when they visit during holidays.

Chances Of Getting A Better Contractor

The time before spring and summer is usually an off-season, hence most contractors are available. If you are planning on getting your house renovated during summer, then this is the perfect time to get in touch with a contractor as you might be able to negotiate the best deals and slots for summers. You and the contractor will have enough time in hand to go through the designs and make necessary changes before the project starts. Contractors might even be able to offer professional advice during this season regarding the project as opposed to the time when they are busy.

 Enough Time To Settle Back

A renovation project tears down home and leaves piles of dust everywhere. You will need time to rearrange everything back to its original status. It is a time taking process, which you might not want to rush and also probably take your time to inspect the project and add your personal touch to give a cosy feel to the space. Summers are perfect as it gives you that extra time to do things at your pace, if your kids are home for a vacation, they too can help you with the project.

Take advantage of the warm weather, slower pace, and summer inspiration. Summer is the best time to get started!

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