Choose Split Air Conditioners to Beat the Summer Heat

You have many options to neutralize the scorching heat of summer successfully. There are different types of fans, coolers, and Window air conditioners that you can use to get much-needed relief. However, you know too well that nothing is more effective than Split air conditioners. There is also a 5 star AC which is more efficient, provides instant cooling, and consumes less electricity. Can you expect more? More and more people are opting for such air conditioners because besides having a better appearance, they also use the latest technology.

Air conditioners are expensive appliances that you don’t buy very often. It needs a capital investment of more than rupees twenty-five thousand to buy a small Window air conditioner of 1 ton. However, such a model is effective only for a small room of around 120 sq ft because if your room size is more extensive, you will need an air conditioner of higher capacity. For a room bigger than 150 sq ft, you will need a 1.5-ton Split or a Window air conditioner. You may be thinking that if you could buy a 1.5-ton Window AC at a lower price, why should you spend another 10,000 rupees for a 1.5-ton Split AC?

Split Air Conditioners are a Better Choice

Window air conditioners have been used for a long time, and their technology is also ancient. You will be surprised to know that Window air conditioners were first launched around 75 years ago. Hence, you can imagine the technology such a model may have used. However, Split air conditioners are the product of modern technology and have many advantages that give them a clear edge over traditional Window ACs. There is no reason why you shouldn’t purchase a Split air conditioner. You don’t buy an air conditioner for 2-3 years because the average life of a good brand air conditioner is around 10-12 years.

It’s important to note that you should always consider your long-term needs while buying a product like an air conditioner. It would help if you also chose a model according to the room type because what may be suitable for the living room may not be appropriate for the bedroom. Typically Split air conditioners are a better choice for bedrooms because they make virtually no sound while operating. On the other hand, a Window air conditioner makes a lot of noise. It may not be a suitable model to purchase if you want a peaceful sleep after a tiring day at work.  

Split Air Conditioners are Energy Efficient

Electricity consumption is a crucial element for an air conditioner. A 1.5-ton Split-type 5 star AC has a clear edge over a 1.5-ton Window AC because it is more energy efficient and reduces your electricity bill by almost 35%. Although the initial cost of Split air conditioners is more than Window-type ACs, it proves the right decision in the long run.

The electricity consumption of an air conditioner depends upon its star rating. Therefore, a 5-star AC will consume less power than a 3-star model. You will find that there are more Split air conditioner models with a 5-star rating than Window air conditioners. More often than not, when you purchase a good 1.5-ton model, it’s more likely to be a 5-star AC. This is the main reason a Split air conditioner is more energy efficient than a Window model.

Split Air Conditioners are suitable for modern apartments.

Split air conditioners are known for their aesthetic look and enhance the appearance of your living room. However, a Window air conditioner looks bulkier and has a traditional design. Besides, some rooms in modern apartments have no provision for windows; therefore, you cannot use Window air conditioners in such places. A Split air conditioner has no handicaps because you don’t need a window to install it.

A Split air conditioner has two separate units – the internal unit, fixed inside the room, and the external unit, installed outside the apartment. Split air conditioners have many other features you don’t find in a Window AC. Hence, intelligent buyers usually prefer Split air conditioners over any other model because they consider their long-term needs more than the initial high cost. 

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