Sliders for Women: A Perfect Sandal Partner for a Beach Getaway 

Sliders for Women: A Perfect Sandal Partner for a Beach Getaway 

The best part of autumn comes with endless activities and vacations, whether you prefer to be active with outdoor sports and go on adventures or are more of a lounge-in-the-sun person! But whichever kind of person you are, chances are you will be making a trip to the beach for sure. And once you have picked up the right attire, swimsuits, beach towels, sunglasses, and makeup for your beach getaway, one important thing remains on the list – picking beach sandals, and what better than can a good option other than sliders for women? The best part about these sliders is that you can wear them on the beach as well as post the beach fun, where you are setting out to catch up on other activities. 

Factors to consider while choosing beach sandals  

A few factors to keep in mind when choosing the best beach shoes for you are as follows –  

* They should be lightweight and durable,  

* They must be easy to put on and take off,  

* They must be comfortable and should not make matters more complicated,  

* Must provide protection against different surfaces.  

Sliders for women tick off all the above-mentioned factors and can be your best bet when you are looking for beachwear sandal options. 

Essential features of beach sandals 

When choosing beach sandals, it’s important to keep a few factors in mind. Like-  

  1. Water resistant – Water-resistant shoes can ensure feet keep dry even with any unexpected splashes! 
  2. Moisture wicking – For those who enjoy beach sports and want shoes that will wick away any sweat. Keeping you playing your best. 
  3. Can be easily cleaned – With sand everywhere, it is common that your shoes will get dirty. Select shoes that are easily machine washable so that you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come. 


Why are criss-cross sliders for women the perfect beach sandals?  

These criss-cross sliders can be your best pick when you are planning a beach holiday. Just slide in your feet, and you are all set to rock your look. women sliders are designed with an incredible layer of cushioning that delivers on its promise of all-day comfort. The criss-cross design of these sliders adds to the appeal of the sandals while, at the same time, giving you the ease of easily sliding into these sandals. The intricate embroidery in these sandals makes them stand out. They come with extra padding to add to the cushioning effect and more comfort to your feet. These sliders are water-resistant and can be easily worn on the beach. They are available in neutral tones so that you can well play the pastel game, or else you can also opt for bright tones to add vibrancy to your look. The easy maintenance of these sandals makes them perfect beach wear. Choose some versatile collection of criss-cross sandals to create a new look, every time!
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How to style sliders for women for various beach activities 

These criss-cross sliders for women are so versatile that you can wear and style them for different fun activities on and around the beach:  

  1. Vibrant printed criss-cross slides for beach fun: You can go for a pair of printed sliders to be worn during all the beach activities, like lazing on the sand, playing games, and simply making the most of the moment. The vibrant colour splashed straps on the sliders will match your vibrant mood. These sliders are pretty comfortable and will keep your feet relaxed for all-day fun.
  1. Nature-inspired printed sliders for nature sightseeing: When you are in the mood to discover the natural habitat around the beach, start your exploration by sliding your feet in a nature-inspired printed slider. You can pick one with any shade of green as the base hue on the straps, with stunning patterns all over the straps. The comfortable padding and flexible sole of this pair of sliders, together with the colour combination, make it ideal footwear for your nature escapade. 
  1. Pearl and sea-shell embroidered sliders for that special dinner: If you are planning for a special dinner with your spouse on that cruise but at the same time not in the mood for dressy shoes, these sliders can make your evening. The embroidery of pearls and sea shells adds to the sophistication and style of the sliders and takes them an inch higher than casual sliders without letting you compromise on your comfort.
  1. Chilling around the bonfire in a fiery shade of yellow slider: Raise a toast to the good vibes and relax in the beautiful ambience in a comfortable pair of sliders for women. You can pick a pair of sliders in a shade of yellow for this occasion, as yellow will complement the colour of the bonfire and also add spark to your entire ensemble.
  1. Jute base and floral printed sliders for shopping: When you are planning for some shopping in the shops near the beach, this style of sliders is apt for you. The earthly jute base of these women sliders will absorb the sweat and keep your feet odour-free and cool for the entire day. The floral prints on the criss-cross straps of the sliders act as a welcome contrast to the jute base and will compliment a maxi dress or a long flowing dress.


Before zipping your bag, make sure to put on your beach shoes. Beach shoes can be easily forgotten about, but having a beach shoe will make a lot of difference, and guess what? Sliders for women perfectly fit your requirement. With a good pair of beach shoes, your beach trip will make your day on the beach fun as well as safe. The collection of vegan sliders of Fizzy Goblet will add oomph to your style quotient as well as make you feel good about your purchase. Available in vibrant as well as light shades, the beach shoes will blend well with the surrounding. Visit the website to get complete knowledge about various types of women’s sliders that can be worn at the beach.    



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