How to Increase Marks by Choosing the Right UPSC Optional Subjects?

Candidates have to choose UPSC optional subjects for the last two papers of the mains examination. There are three stages in the civil services examination namely prelims, mains, and interview. The prelims examination comprises two papers GS Paper I and CSAT whereas there is a total of nine papers in the mains examination out of which the last two papers are conducted for the optional subject chosen by the candidate. The optional paper is conducted for 250 marks each and candidates get three hours time to write the answers. It is a descriptive paper and hence no objective type questions are asked in the paper.

Candidates must choose the optional subject of their interest so that they can write clear answers in the examination. It will enable the candidates in scoring maximum marks in the examination. The two optional papers are conducted for 500 marks which is a huge number. If candidates choose the subject of their interestthey can prepare the subject in a good manner. Also, they will not take much time in understanding the topics. Thus, by giving less effort they can prepare the subject effectively which will help them in securing maximum marks out of 500.

Since the paper is descriptive, candidates should make alot of writing practice so that they can attempt all the questions in the examination. Lacking writing practice may create trouble for them as they might not be able to attempt all the questions. Check the newspapers, monthly magazines, etc. to gain subject-related knowledge. Makes notes of it and revises it as much as possible. Candidates should make a habit of answer writing on daily basis to improve their writing skills and to develop the skill of presenting the answer.

How to Make Notes of Current Affairs Today?

There are numerous websites that provide details on Current Affairs Today to prepare for competitive examinations. Candidates can check the websites of the various coaching institutes or can go through the youtubechannels where information on the latest developments is provided on daily basis. While listening to the video or studying the PDF, candidates should make their handwritten notes so that they can revise them in a short span of time. The revision is a very important aspect of the preparation to remember the studied things for a long time. Otherwise, it would be difficult to have all the details of the daily happenings.

Candidates should prepare the notes in a crisp way by using as small points as possible. It will save them time in the future while revising things. If a candidate does not possess the notes making skill then he/she might face difficulty in the initial phase but slowly-slowly with the passage of time they will inherit the skill. Candidates can also take printout of the PDFs provided by the online platforms in order to save time. However, the handwritten notes are best and there is no substitute for it. The idea of taking the printout of the notes is for those who are full-time employees and cannot devote 6-7 hours to study. It would be good if they can also make handwritten notesbut it is not possible for all candidates. Candidates can follow these steps to prepare in the best way.

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