Step-by-Step Guide to Put False Eyelashes for the First Time

Women love long, voluminous, and fluttering eyelashes! From b-town celebs to influencers on Instagram, everyone loves flaunting longer and fuller lashes that add a certain charisma to the face that no makeup can compete with. Putting fake eyelashes gives a bold and dramatic look to the eyes that are true game changers. We love the look of false lashes but putting them with perfection is not everybody’s cup of tea.

The real catch here is to make the lashes stick to the real lash line without dropping or hurting the eyes. It takes a lot of patience, practice, and the right beauty tools to master the art of applying fake lashes and getting the dramatic look we want. To flaunt the beautiful and fuller-looking curled lashes, here are the simple tricks to practice at home and give your lashes an extra oomph. 

Beginner’s Tips to Put False Eyelashes At Home

Start with Clean Eyes

Finding the right eyelashes that match the shape of your eyes to putting them with perfection is a very intimidating job. Therefore we will start from the first basic step. Once you have finally bought the eyelashes after considering the eye shape, move to the process of application. Prep your eyes with a proper cleansing to get rid of the dirt, grease, and oil around the corner. Make sure to wash your face in the morning and get rid of the heap of makeup from the eyes before putting on the lashes. 

Use Waterproof Eye Makeup 

If your skin is oily which makes you struggle with smudged makeup then your best bet is to stick with waterproof and long-wearing makeup. Always apply the false eyelashes only when you are done with your full face makeup. Apply the eyeliner and eyeshadow in desired color shade and blend it well using an eye makeup brush. Next, curl the lashes and apply mascara to the original lashes without clumping. 

Apply Glue to the Lashes Carefully 

After doing the lash prep and makeup, gently remove the lashes from the box with the help of an eyebrow tweezerBefore applying them to the eyes, hold them gently and see if they fit on your lashes or not. If too long, you can cut them a bit and see if the length fits in properly. Hold the lashes upside down using a tweezer and apply the glue along the side as required. Next, place it carefully as close as possible to the original lashes and press it firmly till it doesn’t stick properly.

Give Finishing Touches 

The next step involves allowing the glue applied to get fully dry before giving any finishing touches. Let the eyelashes rest for the next one minute and then add a coat of Kajal or eyeliner to the lashes to streamline the fake lashes filling the gaps. For a more natural look, prefer eyelashes that come in regular size and avoid putting too much glue on the lashes. Last but not the least; don’t forget to take off the lashes at the end of the day to avoid any type of damage to the eyes. 

The dramatic look false eyelashes give to the eyes leaves an enchanting effect. Follow these application tips at home while putting on the lashes will enhance your personality and make eye makeup an effortless affair

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