Merits of choosing the perfect inverter battery

Busy in the hustling of life, developing an urge for relaxation is certain. The modernized style of living has made power an important part of once comfort and relaxation. The uncertain power cuts and electrical failures prove to be a hindrance to the same. In past times the days were easy even without power/electricity. But in the present scenario, different appliances find their utility in AC and DC voltages. Inverters form an important part of these gadgetsInverter battery forms the lifeline of these inverters. The batteries are designed in a way to tackle various uncertain conditions such as fluctuations in temperatures, long power cuts, changes in weather in climates etc. 

No doubt that inverter forms an important part of our daily routine but the battery of the inverter is even more important. The quality of the battery brings about a huge difference in the working of the appliance. Thus, it becomes mandatory to purchase the best quality batteries for your inverter’s backup system. The main purpose of attaching the inverter battery is the appropriate supply of electrical charges. Top brands like Loom solar are reliable and provide the best comprehensive range of the same.

Details about inverter battery

The batteries for the inverter are appropriately designed to supply the required current for long period during power cuts. Normally described as the mandatory component of an inverter battery can be two types. The first one is the lead-acid battery that is made from lead content. This type of lead-acid battery is unsealed and the maintenance-free nature of the same makes it mandatory to check the water levels in the battery once in 3 to 6 months. 

The other type is the lithium battery made up of cells of lithium that can be found in three forms including lithium ions, lithium phosphate and lithium Cobalt. These are the preferred choice for home inverters. 

Loom solar deals in solar panel batteries with a warranty period of two to five years under which in case of any sourcing dissatisfaction you can get the battery replaced as per the warranty period. 

Making the choice depends on:

  • Intended capacity (as per Ampere hour or watt hour) of the inverter.
  • Warranty period.
  • Budget and rates.
  • The reputation of the brand.
  • Features of the product.
  • Reliability and durability.

Benefits of buying the best brand batteries

As an inverter is beneficial for day-to-day life the more are the benefits of an inverter battery as the former is of no use without the latter. Adjusting the supply of electric current is considered to be the most important function of an inverter battery. Some of the important benefits of an inverter battery are: 

  • These are subject to charging and resultantly reduce wastage proving to be economical.
  • The first charging technology helps save power or electricity.
  • The current produced is as per the capacity of the battery.
  • Efficient working and high reliability of the inverter batteries depend on their brand values and extensive range.
  • These branded inverter batteries prove to be economical power solutions.
  • The solar chargeable inverter battery is even more efficient and durable. This can be charged with the help of the sunlight and hence does not produce any dangerous fumes or emissions.
  • The renowned brands of batteries design their product carefully for longer life and durability.
  • Inverter batteries are capable of storing the currently generated energy for being used when required.
  • A fall in the cost of batteries during the last few years is considered to be beneficial to consumers.
  • For the growth of transmission and appropriate distribution of the stored energy, the best solar batteries are designed with the capacity of c10.
  • Ranging between 20 ah 200 ah the model is provided with a replacement warranty of 3 to 5 years.
  • The lithium inverter battery is considered to be the best for domestic purposes. The availability of batteries and various sizes for different types of inverters makes the utility even more useful.
  • Loom solar is a Pioneer in manufacturing lead-acid types of batteries with the latest technology and the best efficiency of power transmission.
  • The facility of solar inverter batteries being charged by sunlight makes the same energy-saving and economical. It should be remembered that the benefits of solar panels can be noticed in the long run only.


Loom Solar is a newbie brand in the field and the brand has brought about a revolution by manufacturing solar panels and lithium inverter batteries as a government start-up. Winning the glorious and prestigious awards in the reputed golden bridge business and innovation awards in the USA in 2019 the brand has made the nation proud with its products. With quality products and on-time delivery, the company has acquired numerous big business houses as clients. The company has manufactured one of the best inverter batteries on market. 

Deriving factors of backup time

Normally battery capacity and voltage are considered for deriving the backup time of the same. These are the two parameters which decide the efficiency of the battery and the duration of its life.

Best inverter battery can be understood by taking a practical look at its different types.

Types of inverter batteries

A better understanding exists with a better exploration of the topic. If one analyses the types of batteries closely we can understand the need and importance of the same.

  • The first in the most important type of present modern world is the jail battery data quite similar to old lead-acid type battery. The additional silica inside the gel battery makes them sturdy and less complicated. The maintenance cost is less and this makes them the perfect choice for any inverter.
  • The most common type of flat plate inverter battery is supplied with positive and negative rods. The geometrical design and the shape of the battery are flat which is why it’s called a flat plate battery. The structure of the battery is responsible for perfect electric transmission and the reactive chemicals result in the generation of the charges inside the battery itself. 
  • The next is the tubular plate inverter battery. This is connected with positive and negative flat plates and supplied with a support system surrounding the chemical reactors.

The importance of an inverter battery can be assessed by connecting the alternating current and the direct current power inverters to them and plugging the devices into the power socket. The power drawn by the inverter from the battery results in the supply of current to the household and the appliance. Investment in batteries for inverters makes an excellent choice at the time of power cuts.


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