What Are Some Good Ways To Get Started With Data Science For A Complete Novice?

A few years ago, you may have heard about some common records like Guinness records, personal records, storage of business data, and some of the very common things that can be stored easily in spreadsheets. But nowadays it is possible with the help of data science that we can find even the speed of a cricket ball in any particular match, any sentence spoken by any celebrity, or any complex mathematical figure of any field. It means data science tools and techniques provide us with every nano information about any sector we desire. Therefore it is becoming a more crucial part of any strategic campaign of almost every big and small organization. Another interesting fact of data science is that an airline company(Southwest airlines) was able to save $ 100 million by leveraging data only. So it sounds quite beneficial to use data science in any kind of business.

There are several reasons that can make data science a very important factor in any business as it brings together the expertise from mathematics, programming, and statistics to find meaningful insights and make a presentable sense of data. Therefore data science is in high demand and can explore how digital data (big data) is transforming the industrial and business world by helping them in making smarter and better data-driven decisions. It results in high demand for data science experts and also data science courses in Pune and other metro cities.

This article describes some of the best ways to get started with Data Science as a beginner.

What is Data Science?

According to many experts, Data Science is known as an interdisciplinary sector that involves scientific methods, algorithms, processes, mathematics, statistics, and systems to get insights and knowledge from a huge amount of data gathered from different resources. It is also known as a scientific process that examines which questions need answering and where to find the related data. Data Science also refers to the study that deals with a vast volume of data including advanced tools and techniques to find hidden patterns, make business decisions, and derive meaningful information.

The popularity of data science has grown over the years as several organizations have started implementing data science techniques to increase their business and customer satisfaction. It is also considered one of the most promising and in-demand career options for skilled professionals.

Data science involves a wide range of small and big tasks that come under the Data Science Life Cycle. It includes Capture, Maintain, Process, Analyze, and Communicate processes to effectively perform data operations in order to find insights for improved decision-making.

So are you considering a profession in this exciting domain? Here are the best ways to get started with Data Science and make a wonderful beginning in the data world.

Best Ways to Get Started with Data Science

Becoming a data scientist is no longer a distant dream, there are many easy steps and tips you follow to become a data scientist even with no experience. If someone is a complete novice for a data science career then the following steps are very helpful to begin the journey in this domain.

Educational Background– The very first question is asked about the educational degree required in this domain. A Data Science career does not require any specific degree to start a career. It is possible to learn data science skills without any advanced degree/bachelor’s degree. But if someone is looking to break into data science, they can take online certification programs and courses or can go for self-study through modules and videos.

Decide What You Want to Learn– Many people will tell you that it is not easy to learn data science and suggest you learn many streams like linear algebra, statistics, databases, programming, calculus, distributed computing, visualization, deep learning, clustering, experimental designs, etc. But it is not true. It all depends on your previous experience and background. So figure out what is important to learn first. Data science workflow can require knowledge of programming languages that can enable you to work with it.

Polish Your Mathematical knowledge– Several works and processes of data science require a firm grip on mathematical knowledge. So it is necessary to learn Statistical methods, probability theory, Multivariable calculus, Hypothesis testing, Regression Analysis, Markov chains, Bayesian thinking and modeling, statistical modeling and fitting, Linear algebra, Data summaries, and descriptive statistics, etc. These topics can help you write efficient code and draw accurate conclusions.

Programming Languages are a Must Learn– If someone has not any technical background and does not have any professional degree, or does not have any experience then it is a must to learn one or two programming languages like Python, C, C++, R, SQL, and SAS. Once you have a sound knowledge of maths, you can begin to pick up a few of the must-know programming languages to land a career in data science.

Other Important Skills to Learn– Besides programming languages some other crucial skills are also required to become a successful data scientist. Data Analysis, Visualization, Manipulation, Machine Learning, Big Data tools, and techniques, are some of the skills that help you master your knowledge and explore your potential in this evolving domain. If you want to stay ahead of other aspirants you must also learn machine learning in more depth.

Do more Practice, Projects, and Internships– Not only learning and gaining skills, but it is also necessary to keep on learning and practicing. You can do company projects, and attend internships to increase your knowledge and gain more experience. It can make your resume more attractive to employers and companies. With these extra skills, you can apply your expertise in real-world settings and get real-time feedback.

You can begin your career in the data science field by using freelancing platforms like Fiverr or Upwork. You can also try part-time internships through social media platforms and job boards. So even a complete novice can get started with a data science career by following some of the basic tips and steps as it is not very difficult to get started in this world of data.

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