Modish Texture Wall Design Ideas to Beautify Your Space

Changing the wall paint is the first thing we turn to uplift a lackluster home. A coat of rich paint magically adds a fresh perspective to your living space. A lot of homeowners are gravitating towards adding texture to their walls, instead of just plain paint. If you are someone who has been on the lookout for some ideas to add the right amount of drama to your space without much effort, then texture walls should be your go! It increases the visual appeal of the room by manifolds by giving it an exciting twist! Let’s take a peek at some of the most loved texture design ideas using texture paint that is trending and making its way into several homes and hearts.

  1. Spatula Strokes: For those who love everything antique, then giving your walls an ancient sandstone look can add the perfect vintage feel to your abode. The spatula strokes can be applied randomly to achieve a rustic look. You can choose from the different color palates, but for a more authentic feel, we recommend that you stay rooted in earthy shades of brown, red, gray, and green for a more natural appearance. 
  2. Vertical Lines: With many people moving to bigger cities like Bangalore, spaces are becoming smaller. If you live in a studio apartment even in one of these apartments for rent in McKinney, then a vertical line textured wall design is sure to add the illusion of height and make the space look bigger. This  texture will add depth and dimension to your walls along with making your cozy space stunning. If you wish to see samples of this texture design you can contact the painting services in Bangalore, and they will be more than happy to share design recommendations based on your space, what more you can also get the house painting in Bangalore cost estimated as well and see what suits your budget. 
  3. Uneven Texture: For those who like to break free from the regular monotonous look of plain walls, then uneven texture design will get you excited. An accent wall with uneven ivory white texture design and ethenic furniture is a combination that will make your living room look refreshed. 
  4. Wooden Effect Texture: Your walls will scream class and chic when they are coated with a wooden effect texture design. It blends really well with antique décor giving it a countryside charm especially when used around the fireplace in your living room, or the study room.
  5. Blend of Two Texture Designs: This type of texture design amalgamates the two contrasting colors and patterns of texture paint patterns to give a tasteful transformation to your otherwise plain boring walls. You can create a stripe effect using a golden floral texture design along with a navy blue uneven texture design for a mesmerizing look. 

Sky is the limit with what you can do with texture paints on your walls. Don’t be afraid to explore the various options. 

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