Use of reverse image search in identifying whether the news is fake or not

The trend of creation and publishing of fake news is increasing every day. This is because people are more attracted to spicy and unreal news instead of learning the facts. Fake news posts help people gain traffic and followers on social media. Even if they are found guilty of creating and posting fake news, they would still do it as sometimes bad fame can be fruitful for some people. Now, if you don’t want to be carried away by fake news, we suggest you read this post. Here we will briefly discuss the best technique that can help you determine whether a news post is bogus or not.

Reverse image search or the search by image technique is an important technique that can help you find fake news posts. But before we tell you how to use this search technique to find fake news, we would like you to know that the most important skill you need to find fake news is skepticism. You need to trust your gut feeling to find fake news or content surfing the web. If you doubt the originality of a post or if it seems too good to be true, you should go with your instincts. 

Reverse image search is the technique that involves search by image instead of target keywords. When it comes to finding information about an image, this technique gets full points. Now with this modern image search technique, you can find fake news content on the web and social media. 

How can reverse image search help you find whether the news is fake or not?

If you want to authenticate a news post, you can easily rely on modern reverse photo search techniques. In the past, the reverse image search technique was only used to find similar images on the internet. Still, today this search technique has become much more advanced and can serve multiple purposes. 

Different people from different countries have developed the habit of spreading fake news, and this is because of multiple reasons. Spreading fake news can be because of multiple reasons, including lack of knowledge about the actual event, complexity of the situation, and derailing the audience from the original information. The human eye cannot determine fakeness by surely; the eyeball of modern reverse image search  can find it.

So let us find out fake news with AI-powered reverse photo lookup tactics.

Using reverse photo search to get to the bottom of the news post

When you see a news post that you are unsure about, you should make sure that you save it on your device. If it’s in the image format, then you can easily use the right-click options to download the image on your device. But if the news that you don’t trust exists in textual format, you have to take a clear screenshot of it. 

Now that you have collected the image input for the reverse searching, select the best platform to serve the purpose. Today you have dozens of search engines, websites, applications, and third-party tools to help you make a reverse image search. The general working of all reverse image search is the same, so it is safe to use any tool which intrigues you the most. 

Once you open the tool on your browser, you need to use the input options and enter the saved image in the tool. You should know that you can also enter the URL of the image post by copying it from its source. As you enter the image/URL in the tool, it will start the analysis. The tool would determine the image’s contents and compare them with more than billions of different sources.

Modern reverse photo search has collaborations with multiple search engines to get detailed results regarding the image and the contents in it. The tool would tell you about the relevant images or content published on different websites. You can also find the source of the image.

Authenticating the source of the news post!

The reverse image search technique can help you find the source of the news post. By getting this information, you can easily connect with the news author and inform him about his sources from which they have derived the news. 

Sometimes you don’t even have to inquire about the author as the quality of the website can tell you that the news is fake. If the origin of the post is unsecure, has a fishy interface, and has tons of silly ads popping up on it, then it means that the source and all the news posted on it are concocted.

End words

Finding fake news was considered difficult in the past. Still, today, thanks to the modern reverse image search platforms like Google, Ghiro, photo forensics, Duplichecker, and Tineye, you can easily authenticate every news post; in less than minutes!

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