Fibonacci Series – Unique and Exemplary Type of Series

Mathematics is one of the most important disciplines for children to learn. Many people are unaware that math principles are used in a variety of contexts. Math is a tool that has been used to shape our world for a long time. There are numerous objects that we use today, and many applications of mathematics have been utilised in them to make the real world feasible. Many pupils despise mathematics because the concepts are difficult to grasp and master. Math is made up of a large number of concepts, each of which is equally important. In this article, we will go through the topic of fibonacci numbers and series, which has immense importance in the field of mathematics. 

Fibonacci numbers: These are unique numbers that form the basics of the Fibonacci sequence. Everyone must have heard about it, as it is a very famous series. It is also said that these unique Fibonacci numbers can be even found in a lot of structures such as animals and plants. These numbers are also referred to as nature’s secret code. One thing to be noted is that Fibonacci numbers consist of only whole numbers. Those numbers are called Fibonacci which are put in a sequence to form the Fibonacci series. 

Consider any two numbers, let it be zero and one. Now add these numbers and we get another new number that is again one. Again repeat the process now add the last two numbers; that are both one. We will get the answer as two and keep on going like this. We will get a sequence that looks like 0,1,1,2,3,5,… They all are considered as Fibonacci numbers. 

One of the unique properties of these numbers is that one can find these numbers everywhere in our nature. One of the most famous flowers in which one can find a Fibonacci pattern is a sunflower. Apart from it, there are also a few more flowers that follow the same and all of these flowers are also known as Fibonacci flowers. Starfish that are commonly found in the sea are also known to follow the Fibonacci sequence. 

Fibonacci series: When all the Fibonacci numbers are put in a continuous manner they result in a sequence and it is called the Fibonacci series. Every term of this series can be found by adding the preceding two numbers. We also have a formula that is known to find any missing terms in a Fibonacci series. One more important feature of this series is the Golden ratio. Take any two numbers of a Fibonacci series that are consecutive. Now divide them and one will come to know that their ratio is always very close to the value 1.618034. For better understanding let’s take two numbers like 5 and 8. When one divides 8 by 5, they will get a ratio of 1.6. Hence it proves that the Golden ratio holds true for any two consecutive values in a Fibonacci series. 

The fibonacci series and numbers are important mathematical concepts. Students must comprehend these issues in-depth and master all of the subject’s fundamentals, as they have numerous applications in our daily lives. This concept is important not only in mathematics but also in other topics, and it has a significant impact. To learn these concepts, every student must put in a lot of practice time.


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