4 Types of Watch You Need to Upgrade Your Accessory Stash

The two most important components of the many watch styles you should own are sophistication and suaveness.

Watches are a reflection of the wearer’s personality and sense of style. Timepieces possess a delicate quality that elevates them to desirable accessories. They can even be your lucky charm,making you look sharp and dapper.

Whether you are at your boss birthday party or an important meeting, a flawless watch can enhance your look and give you more self-assurance to network. So, shake some hands, and let your fine watch speak for you.

As you choose unique watch styles for various occasions, pick a piece that defines your personal sense of style. Various watch styles serve purposes that go far beyond simply keeping time. The intricate details of various timepieces can be difficult to understand, but that is why we are here! The timer is going off, so get ready to make some notes and organise your accessory cabinet.

Analogue Watch

Let’s start with an absolute classic. An analogue watch is a no-brainer purchase for those with classic tastes. Analogue watches contain three hands: an hour hand, a minute hand, and occasionally a second hand. They are easy to read and have a traditional feel. These watches have a simple, neat dial with numbers shown either numerically or in roman numeral form.

Style Tip: For a refined and classy style, pair your tweeds with a traditional analogue watch. This is one of the best combinations for people who like earthy colours and simple clothing. For a rich appearance, pair this with sweaters and pullovers.

Chronograph Watches

Chronograph watches have a unique design that allows room for two or three tiny dials. You can record your lap times using the stopwatch feature on it. When youre in the mood for some healthy competition, wear these styles of timepieces. The unique style and multi-faceted dials of chronograph watches are what make them so popular. Choose a chronograph watch that best suits your needs from the range of timepieces that do much more than just tell the time.

Style Tip: These various watch designs have an athletic vibe and can be worn with cargo pants to create a tough appearance. A chronograph watch is an essential piece of fashion jewellery for athletes, bikers, sportspeople, and enthusiasts.


Why should your smartphones have all the fun? Smartwatches are the newest technological trend. These timepieces have a luxurious feel because of their features and aesthetics. These watches are quite user-friendly and can do everything from recording your footsteps to sendingan urgent message. The use of smartwatches has elevated their stature and reputation. You sound confident and authoritative when you give instructions to your watch. Smartwatches are an excellent long-term investment because they enhance your personality.

Style Tip: For elegant gatherings and parties, you can wear a smartwatch with shirts and t-shirts. For professional occasions like board meetings and interviews, we advise sticking with an analogue or digital watch.

Digital Watches

Digital watches, which are stylish and magnificent, revolutionised time (quite literally). Hour hands are no longer used on digital timepieces; instead, the time is displayed using flashing numbers. These watches are swift and dependable because they operate on electricity. Digital timepieces give off a sensation of perpetual motion. It has a multi-featured design and sports a sporty, robust, and tech-savvy appearance.

Style Tip: These timepieces go well with a pair of denim trousers and a t-shirt for a laid-back look. These many watch types are among the best accessories you should have. A digital watch would be a stylish addition to your wrist whether you were attending a party at a friends house or a weekend meal with your family.

When it comes to buying watches, it is best that you invest your money in reputable brands like Titan and Fastrack. Not only do they have a wide range of options, but their timepieces are also of high quality, which means you would get a bang for your buck!

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