The top 5 ideas to give your home a Luxury Interior Design

Luxury interior design is not all about spending a lot of bucks, but mostly about wise expenditure. Overcrowding or even going too light can affect the appeal you are trying to achieve. Impressed by the hotel room’s luxurious feel or the opulent homes in the glossy magazine pages? Let’s attain that appeal in your own indoors which will trump over a deluxe hotel stay any day. Here are ideas that you can use to bring your home a luxury interior design:

Get the Feel of Plenty with an Open Layout

Worried you don’t have enough space in your home to facilitate that? Here’s how you can still achieve that. Instead of building solid walls between your living and dining room, balcony, or any other such space that doesn’t need the most privacy, consider adding glass sliding doors. Try to incorporate open multi-functional spaces, instead of building up walls every next step. And at the end, make sure you have appropriate lighting to your rescue to give your home the deluxe and spacious appeal.

Upholstery for the Deluxe Feel

Sew richer fabrics into your furniture, like silk, velvet, brocade, and so on. Similarly go for the more regal shades, like maroon, wine, emerald green, ruby red, gold, and so on. Give your old dining table chairs, cushions, curtains a more luxurious appeal with rich fabrics like these.

Lights and Chandeliers

Who doesn’t love the rich Victorian sophisticated appeal? Want the same for your home? Invest in a chandelier. If you don’t want the classic vintage look, there are more contemporary designs in chandeliers which you’ll love and nothing boosts up the appeal of a room than rich lighting. Similarly, complement each of your rooms with plenty of ambient and accent lighting to lift their appeal.

Stone and Metal

When you incorporate rich fabrics into your home’s interior design, how can you amplify the look further? Add a layer of metallic sheen to your home accessories, furniture, and so on. Don’t add too much sparkle, but a little metallic shine on the grills, vases, lamps, and more can work wonderfully. Embrace the glitz and glam till it looks classy and not cheap and crass. Moreover, nothing looks more luxurious than rich velvety fabrics, with metallic frames.

Give Equal Attention to Each Space and Plan Them Strategically

You cannot just have an extremely deluxe living room and go lazy on the other areas if you want your entire house to have the same luxury appeal. Take up one space at a time. For instance when working your living room, either go heavy on sofas and rugs or have at least anyone heavy major center of attraction. Go for lighter curtains and let the morning light in. Similarly opt for furniture that gives the built-in illusion, such as racks or a unique TV unit design, and similarly complement the room with darker curtains. Focus on your stairs, your workspace, your kitchen countertop, everything individually, and plan them out.

And last but not least rely upon your intuition. Get inspired by high-end interior designers but also design your home according to what you like the best.

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