Which are the Ideal Tips that Can I Follow to Sell My Old Bike At A Good Price?

‘I want to sell my bike to a genuine platform.’ This is the first and foremost demand of the seller who is planning to sell an old bike. Things that keep on wandering in mind are ‘How much money shall I get on my old bike sale?’; ‘What about the documentation?’; ‘How shall I sell it? Is there any genuine platform?’. These plenty of questions will all get sorted in this article on selling an old bike.  scannable fake id

Should I choose a platform or a person to sell my old bike?

If you are looking to sell your bike, it is the first question that will hit your mind. The comparison between sell old bike to a person or a platform in India stated below will help you to sell a bike quickly. 

Firstly, if you sell your bike to a person directly, there are chances that you won’t be able to get an idea of how the process will be effective. It may take a lot of time, and you might not get a good price. On the other hand, if you choose a platform, you’ll get a clear picture of the process. There is not much hassle in selling a used bike through online platforms. 

Secondly, if you sell an old bike to a person directly, you’ll never get an expected price. The bargaining power of some buyers is incredible, and you’ll lose your old bike in a minimal amount. Even if your bike condition is excellent, you will end up with a low sale price because it’s a second hand bike. Whereas choosing a good platform will evaluate your old bike condition and then offer you a great price. 

Thirdly, you can end up experiencing a severe issue in getting the money from the buyer. When you are communicating one-on-one, you might not get the money on time. A lot of rushing behind the buyer is likely to happen, which is reported in most cases. On the other hand, when you choose a platform, you won’t struggle to get your money. In fact, on some platforms like CredR, if you sell your old bike, you are likely to get the payment within 48 hours of a sale. 

Top Tips to Sell Your Bike Online 

As you are still reading this, you must find this article worthy enough to meet your question and get an acceptable answer. Well, selling a used bike to a genuine platform is the take for you. Once you have figured out where to sell, you need to follow specific parameters to make your old bike sell a special reward for you. 

  • Prepare your old bike 

Before you start saying that your old bike is on sale, you need to prepare your bike for the best deal. The foremost thing is to keep the paperwork for your bike ready. All must be readily done for a swift selling process, be the registration or the insurance. 

Next, Roll up your sleeves and get your old bike a good bike servicing. It is essential to get your old bike a good makeover. Check the parameters like engine oil, brakes, clutch, chain, seat covers, lights, and bike features to keep your bike condition fair. Tightening the nuts and bolts and ensuring that the headlight works properly are essential checkpoints. A customary polish is a good option. Get into every nook and cranny with a brush for a detailed clean-up. Spend some valuable time with your bike to give it a good wash at home for a better selling price.

It is good to take good pictures of your old bike before you sell 2 wheeler. Take close-up pictures to get the buyer a good view of your bike so that they can choose your bike as soon as possible. In the eyes of the buyer, a cleaned bike is well-maintained, so the chances of buying such bikes are more likely. 

If you have used the bike for a while, it is a great idea to service it well. If you are maintaining the service history records, explore them and maintain a good record. Any document related to it, like changing the spare parts or replacing a battery, brake pads, or engine oil, everything is maintained in the receipt that makes the selling experience of the two-wheeler helpful.  

*NOTE: A clean and good-looking bike with all the documents in the folder with the owner’s manual, spare key, and toolkit makes a great impression on the new buyer. It will immediately increase the value of your vehicle and make it sell-worthy. 

  1. Price and Valuation to sell two-wheeler  

Before you put up a sell two-wheeler, you need to know whether people know about the bike and its value or not. Do some basic market research to determine how much your bike is worth. Check the other same range of bikes to understand the price offered. This will help you to fix a reasonable price for your bike. Sell scooty at a good price. 

Check out more than one online marketplace or resource before finalizing the price range. It is always good to fix a range of prices to get a fair deal. The discussion forums are an excellent place to get an idea on ‘how to sell my scooty?’ in such platforms, you’ll find the problems, defects, and varieties of do’s and don’t. It will give you a clear picture to sell bike online instantly.

If you’re eager to sell bike in 30 minutes or sell bike online instantly, you can do it. Choose a reliable platform and check the reviews. The top brand offers a reasonable price while you sell motorcycle online. Be careful when you provide your bike for a test ride. It is a quick way to let your buyer understand how smooth your bike runs. Do not worry! Be rest assured if you follow the above-stated points, and then you can quickly sell your old bike to a reliable platform.  


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