4 of the Most Important Tech Inventions of the 21st Century

Caption: Virtual Reality has made it possible to enter highly immersive digital worlds at the click of a button

The field of technology and its many innovations and developments is perhaps the biggest factor that allows society to continuously evolve and progress, changing the way people work, play, live, and interact for the better. The 21st century in particular has given humanity such a wealth of vital inventions that it is hard to highlight just a few. Please spare some time in getting to know the top technologies to learn this year. However, as we approach yet another new year, we thought it only fitting to point out some of the most influential.

AR and VR

The mixed reality worlds available with virtual and augmented reality may be commonplace nowadays, but their arrival in mainstream society should not be taken for granted. These technologies have improved the internal workings of many industries and sectors in different ways, from healthcare to education, e-commerce, construction, the list goes on.

Thanks to next-generation virtual reality headset manufacturers like Oculus and HTC Vive, people have been given access to immersive worlds that create an overall richer user experience by tailoring content through unique simulations. The future is bright for both AR and VR, as the technologies continue to provide consumers with captivating, one-of-a-kind opportunities to connect.

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5G Networks

It’s hard to imagine life without smartphones, those small, fit-in-your-pocket gadgets that make everyday life tasks easier and more efficient. However, what would these mobile devices be without the network connections that allow them to function to their max potential? So far, the 21st century has continuously progressed in terms of mobile connectivity, giving us 3G and then improving upon the service with 4G.

Nearly a decade later and 5G is the latest and greatest network on the scene, providing speeds that are around 10 times faster than its predecessor. Nowadays, a handful of sectors, such as retail, energy, finance, and especially gaming rely on 5G technology to transmit high-speed experiences without a single glitch, lag, or delay.

The online casino industry, for example, has been able to provide speedy mobile gaming opportunities for smartphone users because of the better-quality connections put forward by 5G. This means that users can access the same number of games from the provider’s web platform, but conveniently on a mobile device. Although this is just one example, 5G also permeates the entertainment industry through video streaming, music, movies, and more.

Caption: Tesla has been a dominant force in the world of self-driving cars, pioneering some of the best autonomous vehicles in the industry

Autonomous Vehicles

Years ago, if someone would have said that the world could have a good-sized selection of self-driving cars by 2021, many people would not have believed it. Yet here we are today with a large variety of leading car companies who have made it their prime objective to build and develop more reliable autonomous vehicles for the everyday driver. These driverless cars are arguably the future of vehicle manufacturing, as they have already proven they can transform society for the better.

In addition to cars, some self-driving motorcycles are also available on the market, with BMW unveiling the very first back in 2018. In the future we could see even more options for self-driving bikes, especially because many people prefer these two-wheeler motor vehicles to other, more traditional sedans or SVUs. Today, people are turning their eyes towards the top movers and shakers in the industry, with Tesla, Waymo, and GM being just a few of the companies who are currently leading the way in self-driving innovations.


Last but certainly not least, the arrival of the first established cryptocurrency is still known as one of the most influential inventions of the 21st century. The introduction of Bitcoin in 2009 completely shook the financial sector, providing banking clients with a completely different way of handling transactions.

Fast forward to today and there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in existence, with many industries allowing consumers to pay for products and services with these virtual coins. Now that crypto has gone mainstream, there are countless opportunities for advancement and innovation which have the potential to make this non-traditional method of banking even more popular.


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