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If you are a gym enthusiast or a health freak but you are still not able to properly shape your body, That’s because your body lacks the proper health supplements. SARMS brings you the highest quality protein capsules, which are for every health goal you may desire.

During working out, your body burns calories at an extremely high rate, and this process uses a lot of energy. So, after a workout, your body requires a massive amount of protein to help regain your strength and shape your body. Studies have shown that whey protein also helps repair tissues.


About Sarms

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you may have heard of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are very famous for a revolutionary discovery not just in the field of sports but also in the field of medicine. It helps people change their bodies without compromising their health. Selective androgen receptor modulators are suitable for both men and women. And also, the fact that you are a beginner or advanced, you can start the SARM cycle at any stage. For sarms products, you can visit iMuscle for all the varieties of products that are best suitable for your body.

 If you are not aware of SARMS and are worried that it may cause some side effects, you don’t have to worry about that. SARMS guarantees you that they do not cause any side effects like gynecomastia, testicular contraction, acne, facial hair, virilization, etc.


SARMS are commonly used to increase muscle mass and burn fat, but there are additional benefits. It helps in

  • Muscle tissue should be strengthened.
  • Strengthening of joints and bones
  • long-term growth of muscle fibers
  • Protection against injury and trauma
  • acceleration of metabolism and protein synthesis.
  • maximizing explosiveness.
  • destruction of fat deposits.
  • increase strength
  • Improves resistance

Types of SARMS

SARMS are mostly suitable for people who want to gain 4-5 kg of weight over a short period or if people want to increase their strength by 120%. The most popular SARMS are

MK–2866 Ostrain

A product of GTX Inc. was specially created to treat diseases related to the degradation of muscle mass. These diseases can be related to

  • Weakened bones as they affect bone mass
  • Inflammation of muscle mass
  • Crabs

The purpose of ostraine is not only restricted to the strengthening of muscle fiber, but the main reason for this supplement’s being successful is the fact that it predisposes to burning body fat and speeds up metabolism. Over the years, this SARM has had very loyal players who are into MMA, athletics, and bodybuilding.

This supplement is most suitable for people who suffer from a weak muscular or skeletal system, people who want to lose weight without losing body mass, and athletes and bodybuilders for cleansing their bodies and maintaining muscle mass.

Ligadrol LGD-4055

A product of Ligand Pharmaceutical is, we can say, somewhat similar to anabolic steroids. However, where anabolic steroids help the muscle grow and recover faster, many times they have some side effects on other body parts.

The similarity between these two is that they both help muscles grow faster, but LGD-4055 does not harm any other body parts. However, LSG-4055 may require post-cycle therapy as it affects the normal production of testosterone.


This is the best supplement for fat burning. Various studies have shown that this product has a positive effect on metabolic disorders, especially diabetes and obesity.

The effect of GW 501516 is maintained after the end of the cycle and post-cycle therapy with the so-called “SARM” cardarine is not necessary.

Stenabolic SR9009

Stenabolic SR9009 isn’t exactly a SARM either, but rather a synthetic Rev-Erb ligand, which allows it to influence your body’s circadian rhythm.

Many of the properties of Stenabolic are similar to those of Cardarine, but in addition, SR9009 reduces plasma insulin levels by approximately 35%. Therefore, Stenabolic helps speed up metabolism and drastically reduce body fat.

Actually, Stenabolic deludes your body so that your body uses glucose and fat for energy. In addition, a cycle with SR9009 has a positive effect on lipid metabolism and stimulates the liver to produce almost 50% less cholesterol than usual. 

Andarine S4

There is nothing more annoying than the cleansing period when you have to get rid of every extra kilo without losing muscle mass.

Andarine S4 is a SARM that helps all people who are in a cleansing period. A cycle with andarine helps the body absorb protein faster and causes spontaneous muscle growth.

However, the most important feature of Andarin S4 is that it blocks the enzyme lipoprotein lipase. This enzyme responds to the accumulation of body fat and when excess calories are blocked, it goes to the muscle fibers.

The cycle length of SARMS

Fast cycle 

If you hadn’t had health supplements before, then long-term periodic intakes might be harmful. The duration of 4-6 weeks is most preferable for you as it does not have any harmful effects and you will still have an excellent result.

And you won’t require post-cycle therapy as your hormones won’t have much effect. The disadvantage of this cycle is that SARMs usually take effect around the fifth or sixth week.

So the conclusion is that results may appear faster, but they won’t be as effective.

normal cycle 

According to the official SARMS forum, 8-10 weeks is the best length of the cycle. Eight weeks is enough for the supplement to reach its maximum effect, and don’t worry about health risks as they are minimal. However, this is strongly recommended for gym athletes or people who already have experience consuming these types of supplements.

12+ weeks-long cycle

A long SARMS cycle with a duration of more than 12 weeks may cause side effects, the most common side effect of this cycle is suppression of testosterone production.

This is because your body is tricked by the product for usually having a high level of androgenic hormones.

Post-cycle therapy is strongly suggested and most of the time mandatory after a cycle of more than 12 weeks as the level of testosterone is low. Because PCT helps regain matching the required level of testosterone.


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