The best IVF Centre in Cuttack explains why fertility preservation is vital for cancer patients

The effects of cancer therapies on eggs and sperm can damage a person’s ability to become pregnant. Fertility preservation can preserve your healthy eggs or sperm before your cancer treatment if you intend to have children. Your oncologists and our fertility experts coordinate your care. It is safe to retrieve and store eggs or sperm in the best IVF centre in Cuttack, and doing so won’t affect their quality or the effectiveness of your cancer treatments.

The Effects of Cancer Treatment on Fertility

Certain cancer treatments can harm reproductive health. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery for reproductive organ cancer that targets the abdomen can cause early menopause and either temporary or permanent infertility. Top clinics like Birla Fertility &IVF help in the diagnosis, the kind of treatment, and the medication dosage without affecting your health.

Fertility and cancer treatment

The cornerstones of cancer treatment still include radiation and chemotherapy. Depending on the medicine employed, dosage administered, and patient’s age, both may be harmful to the ovary.

  •  Chemotherapy

Chemotherapeutic medications cause damage to germ cells because they disrupt essential cell functions and stop the regular cycle of cellular proliferation. In somatic and germ cells, they induce oxidative damage and anomalies in the DNA. In oocytes, persistent unrepaired breaks in the double strands of DNA trigger apoptosis. Early embryonic mortality and aneuploidy are the results of genetic impacts on the oocyte.

  •  Radiation

Depending on the location, size, and dose of the radiation field, radiation may be more harmful to fertility cells than chemotherapy. Ovaries can destroy all or part of their egg reserves when exposed to high radiation dosages.

  •  Other cancer drugs. 

Hormone therapy might impact fertility to treat diseases, such as breast cancer in women. However, they are frequently reversible. Fertility may improve after you finish the treatment.

How can the best IVF centre in Cuttack help women cancer patients maintain their fertility?

Some ways are as follows:

  •  Egg freezing

The best IVF centre in Cuttack, like Birla Fertility & IVF, will remove your unfertilized eggs and freeze them. Compared to human embryos, human eggs are not as resilient to freezing.

  •  Protection from radiation

The doctor applies the tiny lead shields over the ovaries during this surgery to lessen the rays of radiation the ovaries get.

  •  Transposition of the ovaries (oophoropexy)

During this treatment, the doctors surgically move the ovaries within the pelvis to keep them out of the radiation field when the doctors apply the radiation to the pelvic region. However, they do not guarantee any protection against scatter radiation for the ovaries.

  • Surgically excising the cervix.

Cervical conization is the removal of a sizable cone-shaped portion of the cervix, including the malignant area, to treat early-stage cervical cancer. The uterus and the remaining portion of the cervix are maintained.

How can the best IVF centre in Cuttack help men’s cancer patients maintain their fertility?

Before receiving cancer treatment, men can also reach the best IVF centre in Cuttack to preserve their fertility.

  •  Cryopreservation of seeds.

During this process, the doctors freeze and keep the sperm at a sperm bank or reproductive clinic like Birla Fertility &IVF for potential use at a later time. The clinics keep the samples for years after they freeze them.

  •  Protection from radiation.

The doctors place tiny lead shields over them to lessen the radiation exposure the testicles endure during this treatment.

Significance of fertility preservation in the best IVF centre in Cuttack

Some cancers, such as breast or ovarian cancer, may need surgical procedures, including the removal of organs or tissue that are essential for a future pregnancy. Furthermore, certain medical procedures like chemotherapy can have a major effect on hormone levels, which accelerates the loss of a woman’s ovarian reserve. Infertility may follow, either permanently or temporarily.

It is advisable to consult a fertility specialist regarding fertility preservation before beginning chemotherapy or surgery for cancer to have better clarity about the process. 

  • Does preserving fertility raise the chance of cancer recurrence or conflict with effective cancer therapy?

There is no proof that the fertility preservation techniques used today could jeopardize the effectiveness of cancer therapy. However, delaying chemotherapy or surgery to achieve fertility preservation may put at risk the effectiveness of your treatment.

Final words

Cancer treatments and pregnancy simultaneously can be a daunting experience. You do, however, have choices if you’re worried about how receiving cancer therapy can impact your ability to conceive. Before starting cancer treatment, learn about fertility preservation techniques from the best IVF centre in Cuttack to make an informed decision. 

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