The mystery of Matías Fernández

Matías Fernández is a retired Chilean footballer who rose to fame in the early 2000s while playing for Colo Colo, one of the most successful football clubs in Chile. At the bookmaker punters can also place wagers on the most talented footballers from all across the world.

Born on May 15, 1986, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Fernández began his footballing career at the age of 18 when he joined this famous Chilean squad. He soon established himself as one of the brightest young prospects in the Chilean football scene. He displayed exceptional technique, vision, and goal-scoring ability. At 1xBet punters will also find opportunities to wager on Chilean football.

A career throughout the world

Fernández’s success at Colo Colo earned him a move to Europe in 2006 when he signed for Spanish club Villarreal CF for a reported fee of €8 million. He continued to showcase his talents in the Spanish league and helped Villarreal reach the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League in 2006-07. The website has plenty of games that punters can try before the next Villarreal match is played.

Other squads where he played throughout his career include:

  • Sporting CP;
  • Fiorentina;
  • Milan;
  • Necaxa;
  • Atlético Junior;
  • and Deportes La Serena.

Eventually, Fernández returned to Chile in 2020 to have a second spell at Colo Colo, whose matches are also available at the 1xBet platform. However, it was nowhere near as good as the first one. He ended his career after playing for Chilean team Deportes La Serena.

A huge potential that never materialized

Fernández’ first spell at Colo Colo saw the team reaching the final of the Copa Sudamericana. He was recognized as the best player of the tournament. Bettors can also watch 1xBet live match to see what is happening in other great football tournaments across the world.

Brazil and Argentina have the best football in South America. Even managers and journalists from those countries recognized that the midfielder had a potential that could make him one of the best players in the world.

His transfer to Villarreal in 2006 was seen as the beginning of a journey that would take him to the best squads in the world. However, things didn’t work like that. The talent that delighted the entire world seemed to almost vanish.

After he moved to Sporting CP and Fiorentina, it was thought that his footballing career would finally take off. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. At the same time, the player was struggling with injuries and other personal problems. For all those reasons, Matías Fernández was seen as one of the biggest cases of talent that didn’t consolidate. At the 1xBet website you can watch live matches of the best teams and players as well.

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