The interesting UEFA Regions’ Cup

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Probably the most famous tournaments are the UEFA Champions League, the Europa League, the Euro and many others. However, since 1996, there has been another tournament, which is aimed at amateur squads. This is the UEFA Regions’ Cup, and can offer some very interesting matches. The online betting sites in Pakistan offered by 1xBet also feature plenty of matches that take place within UEFA Championships.

Participating teams and qualifiers

The championship has been held since 1996. Since then, it has been organized every two years. Currently there are 55 countries that are affiliated to UEFA. All of them can submit one amateur team that will participate in each edition of the Regions’ Cup. Right now you can visit to make live wagers on this championship as well.


Normally, there are local tournaments in each nation that decide which team will represent the country. Once those squads have been determined, the countries are ranked based on various criteria. Depending on the position on the ranking, the teams of each country will enter the qualifying stages of the tournament in preliminary or intermediate stages. The 1xBet website also allows its members to start betting on all phases of this competition.

The final tournament

After all qualifiers have been completed, it is time to play the final championship. Normally, eight teams participate in it. They are divided into two groups of four teams. The best squad of each group qualifies directly to the final. The second-placed teams of each group goes to the bronze medal match. The website can be visited to wager on the group stage of the UEFA Regions’ Cup too.


Some of the teams who have won the tournament are:


  • Lower Silesia from Poland;
  • Zagreb from Croatia;
  • Eastern Region from Ireland;
  • Veneto from Italy;
  • and Central Moravia from the Czech Republic.


When looking at the general statistics, Italy has been the most successful country in the competition. This is because teams from that nation have won the UEFA Regions’ Cup on three occasions. They are followed by Poland and Spain. Teams from those countries have won the competition twice. Punters can visit 1xBet to wager on football matches taking place in those nations as well.

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