What Can Madden Mobile Do in Order to Get More People to Play the Mobile Game?

Madden Mobile is one of the more entertaining mobile football games to play on your phone, as maybe you are unable to get to your console of choice to go play a game. However, there are not as many people that play the mobile version of the game, and they have not been able to figure out exactly why. Today, I have some answers and solutions that the game developers should do in order to make it more intriguing to the player.

Madden Mobile is a great app to get an idea of how players are going to be, and you could use some information from the game to attack NFL odds as it is also a simulation game as much as a team builder. 

Make it Transferrable to the Console Game

Madden Mobile is essentially Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) but on a mobile device. However, these two worlds do not cross over, meaning the team you have in Madden Ultimate Team on your phone is not the same as the one on your Xbox or PlayStation. Make Madden Mobile a companion app that will really enhance and blend these two teams into one. Make it so if you pull a 95 overall card on your Xbox that, you can use it in Madden Mobile and vice versa.

This is not a unique idea by any stretch, as other video games have a companion app that you can use to get progress throughout the physical video game. Instead of asking players that are playing both the mobile and console versions of the game to spend money improving two teams, make it all-encompassing, so there is a benefit to playing when you are away from your console to make your team even better.

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Make Exclusive Content on Madden Mobile

One way to balloon the number of players in the Madden Mobile game is to make cards that you can only get by playing Madden Mobile for your Ultimate Team. This is something that Electronic Arts (EA) has tested out this season as they partnered with the Nike Running app, and if you ran four miles in a specific range of time, you would be rewarded with an 85 overall halfback Bo Jackson MUT Card.

If they are going outside of their own gaming app to drop exclusive cards, why would they not do the same with an application that is under their own umbrella? It feels like it would be a great idea to get more people to download and play the mobile version of the game in order to boost their team on the console. Creating exclusive cards that are only accessible by playing the mobile app will give people the incentive to play the mobile game. 


Having these two games continue to be in two completely different worlds seems to be terrible and makes the mobile app feel like it is not that important in the grand scheme of things. Hundreds of thousands of people are going to play a game of Madden during its lifecycle, and keeping people interested in the game should be their top priority. Maybe the Vegas NFL odds could be a support point to retain that interest on current players and attract new ones.

Allowing a crossover where people can continue to improve their roster while on the mobile app will make things feel a lot fresher as time goes on. These are just the baseline things of what they need to do to keep Madden Mobile trending in the right direction. What improvements would you like to see incorporated into Madden Mobile to make sure the game is better than ever? 


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