All you should Know about the Foam Board Insulation


Adding insulation to your home is not a difficult task anymore. DIY insulations have provided the facility to take advantage of easy and quick methods of insulating. The foam board sheets are incredible items in this regard.

The different sizes and designs of foam board insulation are available online and at your nearest stores of insulation materials. For specific thicknesses or the type of foam board sheets, you have to place specific orders.


You can buy these insulation foam boards at affordable prices. The general size of foam boards for household usage is 4*8 sheets having a thickness from ¼ to two inches. Read the article below to guide yourself.

Types of Foam board insulation

There are differences in the thickness, price and features of each type. You can choose among any of the following types according to your need and affordability. The phenomenal types of DIY insulation through foam boards are:

  • Expanded Polystyrene

The material of this type of insulation is as similar to the material of your coffee cup. The EPS has a common usage for packing fragile items as it has the ultimate thickness. The expanded polystyrene is one of the cheapest types of insulation, so it will be easy on your budget. It has common usage for insulating roofs, foundations, walls, and siding.

  • Extruded Polystyrene

The specific pink or blue panels you have seen in home centers at different places at=re extruded polystyrene type of insulation. These are available in the rigid form providing various thicknesses. These panels are denser than the expanded polystyrene type of insulation.


To provide help in limiting air movement, the edges of this insulation foam board are straight along with the tongue and grooves. The common usage of this type is for the foundation of insulation panels.

  • Polyiso

One of the densest and most expensive foam board insulation out there is this type has the R-value of six inches thickness. It often comes in a foil face so that it can be helpful for reflecting radiant heat.

There are different sizes of polyiso, which are available online and in your insulation retailer stores. The usage for sheathing underneath the siding or in attic spaces is effective and highly reliable. The reflective properties of the polyiso insulation are highly efficient in such places.

Final Verdict

The resisting properties of foam board insulation make it effective for moisture resistance. Ultimately, it is easier to have a great choice at some cost. 

For the foundation of exteriors or the places where the chances of wetness are higher, you can use these styrofoam sheets or foam board insulation to get extraordinary results.


This insulation is comparatively expensive, but you can buy it if you can afford some extra expenses for a long-lasting, effective and reliable solution for insulating your home. 


Whatever you choose among all of the above types, you should know your requirement, affordability and the type of the place you are going to insulate.

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