Take an Online Proctored Exam from Home on any Device.

Global digitization has transformed every aspect of human life, including education. Students can now enroll in courses at a variety of institutions and earn a certificate from them by taking an online proctored exam at home, thanks to the development of various online exam software and online assessment proctoring software.

Even the pandemic has made it clear that in the coming years, we will have no choice but to embrace educational digitization. Against this backdrop, today’s article will cover everything you need to know about online proctored exams at home.

To begin, let us examine the concept of an online examination system. An online proctored exam is a type of online exam that is possible with online exam proctoring software, which allows faculty to monitor students’ actions as they take the exam in real time. The software includes AI-powered technology that tracks and monitors students while also assisting institutions in eliminating exam cheating and maintaining academic integrity.


Exams that are Proctored Online

Exam Proctoring Live Online

This new type of exam, known as live classroom exam software, uses a webcam, microphone, and computer screen to allow students to take exams under the supervision of a proctor. This capability requires the installation of software known as online exam proctoring. With this method of testing, students can be evaluated in the privacy of their own homes, without the agency being concerned about the students jeopardizing the exam’s integrity. The Proctor observes the student’s movements and makes comments as needed. 

Exam Proctoring Recorded

Another type of exam that is recorded and allows students to take it at their own pace without being monitored is the Recorded Proctoring Exam. Exams typically record the webcam, microphone, and computer screen of the student. The exam is then remotely observed by a proctor using the recordings, and the completed exam is returned to the students.

Exam for Advanced Automated Proctoring

The Advanced Automated Proctoring Exam is a sophisticated web-proctored test that employs AI and automation to help administer online tests without the involvement of humans. The exam is generally videotaped, and AI-based software detects any suspicious activity in the video.

Online Exam Software is the best solution for any educational institution to implement. Conduct Exam is a cutting-edge online exam system or robust Online Test Software that includes a wide range of software applications for web-based exam software, offline exam software, computer-based test, center-based exam, online assessment software, and many others. Our online software provides a safe and stable environment for examiners to create and administer various types of tests/exams for Educational/Coaching Institutions, Corporate, Government, coaching centers, and other leading organizations.


How Do You Take an Online Exam?

1. Determine Your Course Goals

You can include learning objectives and cognitive levels that you will later associate with your questions. You can specify the exam paper’s criteria, such as the number of questions.

 2. Improve Your Question Bank

You build your questions bank by adding all types of questions, including audio, video, and essay questions, based on specific keywords related to the cognitive levels and learning objectives.

Each question can be subjected to a psychometric analysis. For example, the discrimination characteristic of questions can tell you whether it can distinguish a student from others who require additional assistance.

3.  Choose the Best Exam Delivery Method for You 

Manual exam creation: In this type of exam creation, you select the questions that you believe best fit your exam based on the various cognitive levels, lessons, and learning objectives of each one.

Creating exams semi-manually: in this type, you select all of the necessary criteria and exams. This one is sometimes preferred by lecturers because it represents equality and fairness for all students. Because human error is almost non-existent here!

Creating exams automatically: this is the final type, and it is determined by the blueprint criteria you enter in the course management system. You only need to specify the type of assessment you require, and the exam will be generated automatically.


How Do You Make the Perfect Exam?

Mercer Mettl— A comprehensive assessment management solution—measures students’ cognitive levels and skills to create the perfect exam. Its tools track and monitor students’ learning records, certification, and information, as well as provide psychometric analysis and other statistics.

 It was also intended to cover the curriculum, subjects, sections, and chapters. It also links learning objectives to assessment. As a result, our universities receive extremely high-quality evaluations. 


What Is the Process of Online Proctoring?

The college administration will provide each student with the Mettl URL, allowing him to easily log in to his account. The student, on the other hand, must be warned to provide a good internet connection and to use his username and password.

When students log in to their accounts, the remotely proctored exam (a feature that Mercer Mettl plans to release soon) is displayed. The number of questions and their grades are also displayed, so the student knows whether they only need 5 or 10 marks to pass the exam. The administration can prevent cheating and maintain academic integrity online by blocking anything else running on the examinee’s device during the exam and using advanced analytics reports to detect even minor exam violations.


How to Choose Your Online Exam Layout?

Good online exam software provides both regular and sectioned layouts, as well as unified and multiple test forms, to reduce the possibility of cheating and ensure equity among students. The multiple sectioned exam means that your exam can display one question at a time, limiting students’ distraction from looking over the entire exam.


Recognize the importance of aptitude testing and select a career that both interests you and has a high chance of success. The personality tests developed by Mercer Mettl are straightforward and require little preparation. An aptitude test can be given prior to an interview or online in the comfort of your own home. An aptitude test will ensure that you continue to develop and grow in the appropriate career path.


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