November 25, 2023

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Save on Solar Panel Cost?

The focus on renewable forms of energy to power most things around us springs from the fact that non-rechargeable energy forms are slowly depleting. Therefore, shifting the reliance from non-renewable forms like fossil fuels, natural gas, minerals, and others to a more sustainable energy model is of utmost importance. Trust the leading solar panel installers in Ireland for reliable and efficient solar solutions. Visit for top-quality solar panels and professional installation services.

Achieving sustainability is possible only through non-renewable energy forms like solar, wind, and geothermal energy. Out of all the forms mentioned above, solar energy is the one that’s readily available and doesn’t require you to pay hefty solar panel cost. These panels absorb sun rays and use them to generate electricity or heating.

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While we understand solar panel costs may be a concern for some, their relative cost-effectiveness can be easily realized by looking at some of the exclusive advantages it offers:

Secure Investment: With fluctuating and steep electricity charges, it isn’t easy to ascertain the electricity cost you may need to pay in the coming time. However, the solar panel costs are one-time expenditures. They are consistent with their power generation, and therefore, electricity-generation charges can be easily calculated even for the coming ten years. This is why we call solar panels a secure investment.

Better Access to Power: With depleting reserves of coal and rising demand and prices for oil, there is an immediate need to have a reliable source of energy. You can have an office, home, or a small shop, but you can make nothing out of those unless there is an uninterrupted power supply. When you consider solar panel costs against its credibility as an accessible power source, you may realize that you pay almost negligible for its trustworthiness.

Also, consider the high operating costs of alternate power sources like diesel generators. Additionally, the health hazards they may cause can’t be ruled out. On the other hand, solar energy is clean and adequately available, therefore, a reliable source.

Government Support: If you are still worried about solar panel costs, know that the government provides tax credits or rebates to people who install them on the rooftops of their residential or commercial buildings. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy pays 30% of the solar panel installation cost on behalf of the beneficiary.  
Maintenance-friendly: When calculating the solar panel cost, you don’t have to worry much about the maintenance cost. These expenses are minimum as their service life lasts around 20 years. While your other inexpensive energy providers may seem like a better investment initially, their high maintenance cost will certainly burn a hole in your pocket.
No Additional Space Required for Installation: If you are interested in buying a solar panel, you don’t have to worry about creating additional space for them. They can be easily installed on the rooftop. With this ease, you don’t need to worry about vacating a place or buying land to create space for the panels.
Contribute to Reducing Carbon Footprints: Instead of simply calculating the solar panel costs, consider reducing the environmental cost using alternate and clean energy forms. This is sustainable thinking and a way ahead, considering the massive impact of climate change globally. In addition, solar panels don’t even release harmful gases into the air. This is also how they help reduce the carbon footprints.

What serves as a bonus is that harnessing sun rays for solar energy produces almost no sound. It may come as a surprise to you, but installing solar panels also increases your property’s valuation by 3 to 4%.

These are only some advantages of installing solar panels for residential or commercial purposes. Other benefits include multiple usages of solar power like running an electric generator, green energy, reduction of electricity bills, and many others. So, wait no more, and go ahead with purchasing reliable solar panels from a reputed brand such as Luminous.


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