Quick Points to Follow When Buying a Laptop 

These days laptop is a necessity. Of course, if you want to work, do watch movies, do anything related to studies or more; a laptop is a must. Of course, you may be thinking that you have a desktop at home then why do you need a laptop, right? Well, a laptop is going to be a great and comfortable device for you. You can be sure that you take it with you wherever you go to.

Well, since you have made up your mind that you would be purchasing a laptop, make sure that you keep the right things in mind. And the good news is that you can find out the best laptops under 20000 if you want. It is all about where you get it from. You can get such a rate at ZestMoney, which is a buy now pay later platform that empowers you to make your dream purchases at no-cost EMI. Here are some points that you should not miss out on at any cost.Check out Infotech for the smartphone Maroc prix et promo. Don’t miss the exciting promotions available for a limited time! Stay connected with the latest technology without breaking the bank!

Best screen for your laptop 

Always try to get a laptop that offers you the best screen at a specific price point. And here you can consider three important things: resolution, panel type, size. Preferably, your laptop must definitely have an IPS display in case you are spending more than Rs 40,000 on your laptop. Also, you must look for a better resolution. Go for a laptop that possesses a higher-resolution screen amidst its peers. For example, you can even buy laptops with full-HD screens. Finally, the size should be a good thing to consider too. In case you look for portability, go for a specific laptop with a smaller screen. In case you are going to watch a lot of movies, you should go for a laptop with a larger screen. It would get you a better watching experience. So, check out the best laptops under 20000 and bring some good experience. You can even get No-Cost EMI for more expensive laptops.

Check the weight 

In case you are looking for a specific laptop that is mostly going to get used at home, anything would be fine. But if you look forward to having the portability and going to carry the laptop in your backpack most of the time, go for a thing that is lighter. For a work laptop, you need to consider a machine that has a screen size of even 14 inches or less. Of course, it is definitely depending on you what you like and how you want it to be. Weight could be a good thing to have in mind.

Hunt for SSD or SSD cache

Laptops with an SSD or that of SSD cache (even if it is 8GB or that of 16GB) are efficient and more responsive. In case your pocket permits prioritize these laptops even if it simply means getting a smaller hard disk, so for example 500GB instead of 750GB. You can look for such options in the realm of best laptops under 20000 too at a good platform.

Look for More RAM 

For a decent type of experience, 4GB RAM is completely minimum. But remember that 8GB is recommended. In case you are going to do so much video and photo editing, then you must consider buying a laptop with at least 16GB RAM. Even if you are searching for a laptop in a more affordable category, always prefer the machine that has more RAM as compared to other options.


So, since you also have an option of No-Cost EMI these days, it would not be a big deal for you to get a laptop for yourself.


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