How to Conceptualize Creative and Brilliant Video Games?

How to Conceptualize Creative and Brilliant Video Games?

Developing a game can be very daunting. However, it can become easy by using various strategies and tools. For instance, if you are planning on building one of the best Indian casinos online, you can explore multiple avenues, including iterating an existing game, incorporating new technology into old games, and creating an idea from scratch. 

Once you’ve got the idea, you create a concept to guide everyone involved in the development. This approach helps all parties to be able to give their opinions. To make your conceptualization of the game easy below is a detailed preview of everything.

The Fundament Segments of a Video Games Concept:

A few parts are involved in coming up with a video game concept. You have to form all of them to make your idea viable to everyone involved. For instance, it is advisable to have the actual statistics and facts, an eccentric, fully developed story, details, and financial goals.

To help you, below are the main segments of a video game concept:

The Main Idea: 

The beginning of a game is the main idea. It explains the game concept in a few paragraphs to help the people involved understand it. The idea should include the following:

  • The description of your game
  • The style of your game
  • The game’s setting
  • The various kinds of characters involved
  • An overview of the story
  • All the lead elements
  • How to play the game
  • What makes it different from other games

It will help people involved understand your vision to make implementation easier. However, the game’s complexity will influence how detailed this documentation will be. 

The Financial Aspect:

If you are not funding your project, you need to get investors/publishers to fund the development. It will be difficult for people to sponsor you even with a unique idea unless they are sure the concept will give them good returns. 

So, it’s essential to integrate how the game will earn money to obtain funding.It would help if you had a straightforward way of making money out of the game, like how gaming apps work. Here are ways you can get money from the game:

  • The initial purchase
  • Monetizing ads
  • In-app purchases (powerups and decorative items)
  • Selling extra levels or features
  • Combining several methods

After sorting the source of the profits, you need to know how much you need to make your concept a reality. It’s always good to make your budget realistic, especially if you are new to the industry. Even if you have high expectations, make sure you work with the provided budget. To make it easier, try as much as possible to cut costs. You can use free 3D applications to save money on the expensive license fees.

Include the Artistic Part of the Team:

The team dealing with the artistic side needs to understand what kind of game they will be designing. For instance, the team needs to know if they will be constructing 2D or 3D assets. So, to actualize your vision, including the concept design you want the game to take. It will help the design team have an idea of what they expect. They will be able to identify mishaps that might occur and things difficult to accomplish with the given time and budget.

This step will also enable them to contribute to areas that need altering to meet deadlines and budgets. You should include your target audience to help the team know what to incorporate to make the players’ experience worthwhile.

The Comprehensiveness of the Game Development:

Game developers want to understand the vision and the expectations. For instance, you can ensure you mention the comprehensiveness required, to help them pinpoint things that could be hard to accomplish. Involving developers early in your concept enables them to identify things that need added or improved to enhance gameplay. 

Moreover, it is best to include platforms compatible with the game and your target audience. It will help the team get ideas on what they need to create a cross-platform game that can be played on all devices or systems.

The Marketing Plan: 

This segment is all about how your game will reach the players. When it comes to marketing, it’s best to leave it to professionals. However, you can help start marketing by giving your thoughts. The following are things you should include:

  • Objective: How much money are you expecting to make in terms of profit
  • How will you distribute it: Is it through a portal, retail store, or a direct website store?
  • What’s special about your product that that will make people buy it
  • How will you promote your product to ensure it reaches your target audience?
  • How will your website get people to download a demo of your game?
  • How will the price affect your plan, for instance, to sell your game to the best online casinos?
  • How will you maintain a long-term relationship with the customers?
  • Are there several ways to optimize your plan?

All the above will help the marketing team reach your goal. 

 Game ideas can be easy to come up with. However, putting it to actualization can be hard. But with the above information, you can achieve your video game concept. 


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