Penalty kick betting strategy in football

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A penalty kick is one of the most intriguing and promising bets in football, attracting a growing number of Indian players. The likelihood of a player successfully executing a penalty kick stands at about 70%, offering attractive pre-match odds for those knowledgeable in football. The dynamics of the game, much like the thrilling experience in the  Mostbet aviator, can shift rapidly, with odds fluctuating during live action. This betting strategy could become a reliable approach, akin to how players develop strategies in Mostbet to maximize their chances of winning.

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Types of bets

To begin, let’s look at the main types of outcomes on this outcome:


  • Whether there will be a penalty kick during the match;
  • Whether a penalty kick will be awarded and a red card will be shown;
  • Whether a penalty kick will be awarded, but not scored;
  • whether the encounter will end in a penalty shootout. which of the opponents will prevail (for playoff and cup games);
  • The exact number of penalty kicks not scored.


Ins and outs of betting on penalty kicks

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Every penalty kick betting strategy is risky. The odds on this outcome are high because it is difficult to predict the outcome, but bettors should study the prerequisites. If the referee is famous for assigning a penalty kick, it increases the odds. The second condition is the presence of high-speed, technical, and intelligent players, which the opponent’s defensive line can’t keep up with. In this case, mistakes are possible within the penalty area. The third condition is a VAR system. In countries that have resorted to video review, according to statistics, more often are assigned a penalty kick.

Is it necessary to study the statistics of previous outings?

The penalty kick betting strategy in soccer is not the kind of betting where prior analysis is needed. The introduction of VAR has had an impact on both the number of penalties and quotes. It is more important to make sure before the event whether there are plans to use the video replay system. Research whether teams will have players who foul frequently within the penalty area. Perhaps in the defensive positions will play a debutant or an inexperienced defender.

Betting on no penalties

Some bettors used to think this strategy was adequate for making money. With the introduction of the VAR system, betting on penalties has turned into a roulette game. Bookmakers offer quotes of 1.3-1.5. The strategy for the absence during the meeting of the penalty shootout is just the case when the study of statistics will be beneficial. Do not bet on those championships, where this type of penalty is assigned rarely. It is not worth betting on the absence of a penalty if in a series of meetings there has not been a shot for a long time. The statistical expectation in this case will not be on the bettor’s side.


Betting on penalties will not suit every bettor. The appointment of a penalty is a matter of chance. Therefore, it is not recommended to bet more than the amount or to bet on such outcomes on a guesstimate. The size of the bet should not exceed 3-5% of the bankroll. Even small odds can let the player down. It is annoying to make bets on the penalty kick when the odds are below-average.


What is a bet on a penalty?

A bet on a penalty kick is a bet on the fact that the judge will assign a penalty kick for an offense in the penalty area. There are several variants of strategies on penalties. You need to find yours.

Are there any intricacies to know before betting?

This betting strategy does not require any special preparation or prior analysis. You need to know the players that are prone to fouls. Also, you need to know the referees that are agog to appoint a penalty kick.

How to choose an event to bet on penalties?

To decide on a penalty kick bet, two things must be taken into consideration: the style of play of the teams and the manner of refereeing.

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