Best Way to Play Poker on an App?

Poker has been ruling the nation for decades. Earlier, it was confined to offline bets between friends, family, and groups of players. But today, more and more audiences are going online and enjoying poker sessions. Currently, millions of people are logging into a gaming website and enjoying some cash on the side.

So, how has “online poker India” become a trending concept, and what are some of the best ways to play poker on an app? Let’s read on to find out –

Online poker has turned into a global phenomenon, and you don’t necessarily have to restrict the game to friends. Now you can play some bets with international players with just a few things – the internet and a smartphone.

Reasons to Play Poker Online


Playing poker online isn’t hard. If you have a phone or laptop with a stable internet connection, you are good to go. There is no need for a proper setup, travel, or call-up of various members for the table. Simply go online, register yourself, and sit back to play. You play with real players, and it is all that matters.

Range of Options

While playing offline, you have to restrict yourself to a few types of card games. You cannot think of new tricks or styles as other members might not be up for that challenge. Contrary to that, when you play online, there are so many options available for you. Every type of card game will have contenders from around the world to connect with you and play a round of poker.

Unlimited Poker Action

Want to play poker at midnight? Craving it early morning? With online poker, there are no time restrictions. You can indulge in the game whenever and wherever you want. There’d always be a few players available at the table. That’s because players come on online sites from around the world, and the time difference makes the distance seem less.

High Winning Chances

While playing online poker, you have no idea about the strengths and weaknesses of the contenders. This increases your chances of winning as it is always a possibility that the opponent is a poor player. Even if you are a beginner, online poker is a great opportunity for you as the stakes can be as low as you want, and you can withdraw at any time.

Now that we’ve reasoned out the benefits of playing online poker, let’s find out some of the best ways to play online poker in India –

Remember the Rankings

The first and one of the most important things to do is remember the ranking of sequences. It is the end game, and if you have no clue which card sequence is bigger, you won’t be able to understand whether you are winning or not. Once you have learned the rankings, you are ready to beat down the opponents.

Tight but Aggressive

Keep your strategy simple. One of the biggest problems while playing poker is that the players get involved in multiple boards. Once you understand the rankings, learn which cards to play first. Focus on keeping your board tight but aggressive. Recognize the strong cards and play aggressively to increase the winning streaks.

Bluff at Minimum

Bluffing with your opponent feels like one of the biggest achievements, but these attempts should have a restriction. Keep it slow and real initially, so the opponents aren’t able to understand your move. Once you have gained a little trust, you can begin bluffing in between rounds.

Slow Progress

Being a beginner, you don’t want to indulge in a tournament. Since most online poker is played for cash prizes, risking money early isn’t considered a smart move. So, the wise way is to begin with small games and learn the tricks and trips of different card games. Once you are clear about them, you can move on to the tournaments to win big!

Final Thoughts

When you are playing with real money in online poker, things don’t take time to turn. One moment you’ll be playing for fun, and the next, it would be all for some serious cash. That’s why the idea is to keep the games casual, enjoy yourself, and get back to real life so play games and win real money.

If you are inexperienced in setting up an online game or don’t have an idea about the rules, seek someone’s help. Ask help from your poker buddies and decide whether the game is for you or not.

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