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The brand-new Narendra Modi Stadium is currently the biggest cricket stadium in India, with a staggering capacity of 1,32,000 seats. In addition, the latest facilities at this stadium make it one of the world’s top stadiums right now. It was also known by the name Sardar Patel Stadium. The size is important to cricket predictions and judging the teams easily.

The nation that is awash with cricket, India is home to a variety of large cricket stadiums, making them one of the top venues for hosting any ICC tournaments. Here is a list of the top ten sports stadiums for cricket in India. Most of the cricket predictions are made, keeping in mind the size of the stadium.

Cricket is taken very seriously in India and is celebrated like a festival; the wins can cheer up the whole country and bring everyone together. The most ingesting match that Indians wait for is India vs. Pakistan, and also IPL, which is played every year. Many of the international and national matches are played here in India because it has many stadiums, so let us know more about them in brief.

Narendra Modi Stadium

The biggest cricket venue in the world, the redesigned Narendra Modi Stadium in Motera is an absolute delight. It covers 63 acres of land and boasts more than four gates, one of which is connected directly to the line metro. The size of the field is 180×150 yards. The stadium has four dressing rooms, each with all the facilities and gyms that are available. In addition, it has 6 indoor fields, as well as three practice areas outdoors.

It is part of the Gujarat Cricket Association; the Motera stadium also houses the indoor academy for cricket, including a dormitory housing 40 players. India’s biggest cricket stadium has hosted international cricket matches, including England’s tour to India, in which they played the first Test match of their tour, an enormous success. It is the Motera Stadium has 76 corporate boxes.

The second-largest cricket venue worldwide is Melbourne Cricket Ground, with a capacity of 100,024.

Eden Gardens

One of the biggest cricket grounds in the world, the Eden Gardens was the biggest cricket field in India for quite a while before the Narendra Modi Stadium came around. It was established 158 years ago in 1864. The Eden Gardens is the third-largest stadium in the world. It has hosted numerous historical cricket matches over the years. It is often referred to by the name “the “Mecca for Indian cricket” since this was the very first ground that was constructed to play cricket in India; Eden Gardens is one of the most popular cricket grounds in India. It was the second venue to host the World Cup final in 1987. Eden Gardens also became the first Pink-ball Test in India in the year 2019.

Raipur Cricket Stadium

The stadium is named Shaheed the Veer Narayan S. International Cricket Stadium; this stadium is often referred to as “The Raipur Cricket Stadium and is located in Chattisgarh. With a capacity of 65,400, it is the fourth-largest stadium for cricket in the globe. It was among those cricket fields that is the second home stadium for Delhi Daredevils during IPL 2013. The first match played at the Raipur Cricket Stadium was between the Canada cricket team and the Chattisgarh cricket team in the year 2010. In addition, Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium has also hosted three Indian Premier League matches, among other tournaments.

Barsapara Cricket Stadium

Also called known as the Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Cricket Stadium, The stadium is Guwahati’s ninth biggest stadium in India and is situated just above Bengaluru’s M A Chidambaram Stadium in capacity. The stadium is located in Assam; it is the biggest stadium for cricket within NorthEast India, and it managed to host its first sport in 2012, when a West Zone Women’s Senior Intercontinental One-day Cricket Championship with Assam as well as Odisha took place. Since then, Barsapara Cricket Stadium has hosted countless matches. Barsapara Cricket Stadium went to host a T20I game with India and Australia and also an ODI game that was played between India and West Indies.

The country that loves cricket, India boasts up to 52 cricket venues in the world which is the most of any nation that plays cricket anywhere in the world. The only other nation that comes closest in comparison to India in this regard is England, the place of birth for cricket, with only 23 venues. The Indian love affair with cricket began early. The first international match played in India was played in December 1933, when India took on England. The first ODI match played in India was played at Ahmedabad in 1981. Then, India’s first T20I match took place in 2007.


The smallest stadium that is located in India?

The Feroz Shah Kotla Ground in Delhi is the smallest stadium in India and around the world. The square boundary of the stadium is 56 meters long, and the straight line measures 60 meters.

What is the second-largest stadium in India?

In Kolkata, the Eden Gardens is the second-largest cricket stadium in India, with a capacity of 68 people. Before it was renovated with the Narendra Modi Stadium revamp, it was the biggest stadium in India.

What is the biggest cricket ground in the world right now?

The biggest cricket stadium in the world is Narendra Modi Stadium – which is thought to be the most beautiful cricket stadium at the moment. It is home to four dressing rooms, each with every facility that is possible, and a gym. Beyond that, there are six indoor pitches to practice on and three outdoor areas for practice, in addition to an indoor academy for cricket.

What number of cricket grounds exist across India?

There are 52 international cricket venues in India; this is the most of any nation that is a cricketing one. Following India, England has the most cricket stadiums with 23 stadiums.

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