7 Tips to Be A Better FIFA Player

7 Tips to Be A Better FIFA Player

Even if you have been a lifelong FIFA fan, the most recent version of the game is sure to have thrown you off your game as you check the Champions League picks. Many people enjoy the new style of play; however, many community members dislike how realistic FIFA’s gameplay is, claiming it makes it more challenging to reach the top.


These ideas should help you become a better, more well-rounded FIFA player, whether you wish to impress your friends or advance in FIFA 23.

Avoid Sprints

This makes little sense, as you have likely played FIFA your entire life by dashing everywhere. Even while the stamina loss has improved through time, you’ve probably been fending off exhausted assailants for your whole life.


Sprinting tires out players and hinders their ability to control the ball and select a pass. It also accelerates the movement of the power bar. Football is a fast-paced sport, and FIFA gives speed considerable weight. 


Therefore, it is significantly worse never to sprint than to always sprint. However, only use it when necessary, and strive to live more slowly.

Make Use of the Radar

Players sometimes overlook the vital radar at the bottom of the screen. Most of us play FIFA with a close camera angle to see what’s happening and feel immersed in the action. But in reality, the top players constantly keep their heads up and search for free space and passing opportunities.


The radar provides you with this option. It indicates which players have been marked and which have available space. It also shows whether a ball over the top might be effective. It can help you succeed, but you do not utilize it enough.

Try New Forms of Passing

There are now more options to pass the ball in FIFA than before, which is a significant development. If you master these, you will be far superior to other players. Players can now use different control functions under challenging situations to double-tap a pass, through-ball a pass, and loop a pass.


In the same way, you customize Champions League predictions, remember that there are more types of custom moves in FIFA 23 than ever before. You can modify every aspect of your team’s strategy, which can significantly impact the field. You can either make your team offensive or defensive. 

You can also alter the number of players who run into the box for a cross, among other options. A minor adjustment can be the deciding factor between success and failure.

Go for Semi As Often As You Can

FIFA has always been an odd game providing players complete control. By default, FIFA 23 likes to take control like a fanatical Guardiola. 


The game places you in the background for all significant events on the field. Don’t allow this to happen. From the main menu, select “Customize Controls.” 


Then, replace the majority of the primary options with “Semi.” This will provide you with more freedom and a stronger sense of control.


Setting Ground Pass Assistance, Shot Assistance, Lob Pass Assistance, and Lobbed Through Pass Assistance to Semi will make you feel more in control when passing, shooting, and throwing through balls. 


This improves your accuracy during the most crucial game periods and gives you a greater sense of control throughout the game.

Play on the counter 

As in previous EA titles, the through ball is the most effective way to advance the ball in FIFA 23. If the timing is right, brilliant one-two passes with your wingers while also searching for the final pass to your striker are usually adequate. 


Most AI teams in Career Mode play closely together and with a deep block, making it difficult to pass them during typical play phases.

Practice Regularly

These days, free kicks are the most challenging aspect of the game. The rules are significantly more complex than in previous games; therefore, you will need to learn them to advance. Go to the Skills Games section of the main menu and practice your curves and dips in the Free Kick training levels.


Set pieces in FIFA have been significantly altered, so if you’ve mastered them, you should be proud. You’re at least one step closer to being the best FIFA player among your peers.


There are now multiple levels of spin and curve for free kicks, but shooting buttons still provide you with strength and expertise. Although the practice is required, the free kick possibilities in FIFA’s most recent versions are among the most comprehensive. As you play FIFA and take breaks for Champions League predictions today, know that more FIFA versions are coming up.

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