Is Draining Your Wealth

How 먹튀사이트 Is Draining Your Wealth

A먹튀사이트 is a site resembling the original site but in reality, it is fake. A professional term for this activity is website spoofing. Today when technology is leaping, scams are nowhere behind it. Though serious methods have been applied to stop scam websites, engineers and scammers end up finding new fraud people. This is an exhaustive article related to types of scams, scam sites, and precautions to be taken to shield one from becoming a victim of such sites.


 The main purpose of website spoofing is to attract the customers, employees, and partners of the targeted brand and convince them to share private information. From credit card information to all the bank details, 먹튀사이트 ask for every bit of vital information. Though scam sites have been in existence since technology reached the common man, in recent years it has become very prevalent. There are two main reasons why scam sites are on the rise; through a meticulously planned fake site, scams are easily executed, and secondly, they work. Yes, scam sites work. They get successful in deceiving people.


Fake websites are difficult to identify because scammers cunningly surpass the brand’s security system. The problem becomes known when substantial harm has been done to the brand and customers have become a victim of the sites. To the relief of the brands, every problem in the digital world has a solution. Before moving on to the solutions, let’s discuss more a 먹튀사이트 and in what ways can it harm you. We will also come across sites, that users and brands have declared as a 먹튀사이트


How to verify a 먹튀사이트

Check if your URL is misspelt. This is one of the easiest ways to see if a website genuine or a scam. Scammers tend to change the URL. For instance, they may use or instead of

Site seals are another indicator of the authenticity of the site. After clicking on the site seal, more information about the site will be revealed to you. If you click on the site seal and it does not respond, the site may not be authentic.


Cast around for padlock

The presence of a padlock on a website indicates that it is secured by SSL or TLS certificate. Generally, there are three types of TLS certificates, extended validation, organization validation, and domain validation, each having its functions. An EV certificate provides the highest level of authentication, whereas an OV certificate is useful for commercial websites, and a DV certificate verifies the ownership. In case the website lacks a padlock, it is not secure. In today’s world, padlocks alone would not check the authenticity, several methods have to be combined to see if a site is secure or not. Scammers have levelled up a bit and many fake sites have to padlock today.


Use a website checker

Using a website checker can reveal the authentication of the site. It is advisable to use a website checker once in a while.


Other methods

Several small indications can be used to reveal information about the site. Contact information, their email and address. Privacy policy and return policy. Customer reviews on the site. 

If you come across a 먹튀사이트, the first thing you have to do is not to share any personal information. And never share any bank details. If it is a retail site or a business site, refrain from purchasing anything from that site. And report that site right away.

There are several ways in which you can be made to disclose your personal information. Let’s have a look at those meticulously manufactured tricks.



Phishing can be considered an attack, just not physical, intended to take away your personal information and put all your data and info at risk. Phishing attacks are the most common and they are generally done on customers. In the financial year 2019, $57 million was lost only due to phishing. What scammers do is convince you to open a link by giving you a money bait, or make you download an email attachment by telling painful stories, it may also include a fake invoice, they may show that the bank is facing some problem with your information and you need to reconfirm the information, or they may also offer a voucher or coupon of a certain amount to do the shopping for free. Never fall prey to such scams. the sender shows himself to be legitimate, but this is not the case.


Fake shopping sites 

Wouldn’t you love to buy one and get one free? Bogus shopping sites provide you with offers that are difficult to leave. The original brands may never provide you with such offers. Never be too greedy and buy from such sites, instead of saving some money, you will end up spending and your products will never arrive. Form jacking is another term that some of you might be aware of. This happens when the original retail site is hacked and customers are directed to another site that demands the filling of personal information.


The next type of scam does not only sounds painful and sympathy arousing but it is amusing too. This trick is called the grandparent scam. This is mainly used in western countries. And this method of scamming was used excessively during the covid 19 pandemic. They send messages to the grandparents of the child informing them that their grandchild has been trapped in a foreign country or he needs immediate help to get out of jail, he needs money for covid treatment. 


Reports reveal that $58 million have already been lost through this type of scam. Because of the success of this method of scamming, it is on the rise. It must feel so guilty to drain someone’s grandparents of their hard-earned money. They must have saved it for their tough times, but it only feels guilty from our point of view, the scammers just want their work done, by hook or by crook.


Having said that, one must be very cautious regarding scams and fraudulent sites. If you are a victim, report to the nearest police station and ask for help from your parents. Providing personal information could prove fatal to you. At least learn to distinguish between fake and real, not only friends but also sites. It is a life-saving skill. 

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