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What Betraja is all about

If you consider yourself a professional in sports betting, you can still learn something from my articles and reviews. Even articles are constantly being revised, with my team adding more and more information. Every day we analyse matches and develop strategies, and update the website so that each of you can learn how to bet and win.

Professional betting expert: How I got there

I have loved watching cricket games since my childhood. I had a dream of becoming an athlete and representing the Indian national team, but life is different, and due to family circumstances and knee injury, I missed my chance to become a professional cricketer.

Later I decided to connect my life with cricket in another way, so I used to listen to live cricket matches on the radio all the time. Sometimes I even went to watch them live. I also wrote down every important piece of information about cricket in my notebook. 

At some point, I realised that I could monetise my experience and placed a big bet on our Indian cricket team. My prognosis came true and I won big money. Since then, I have analyzed almost every cricket match and developed different strategies while sharing them on my Betraja website. 

Sports betting at Betraja

My website has many different articles on various sports to help you understand how to bet more profitably. As of late, I’ve been having a lot of success with my eSports predictions. So if you like to spend your leisure time in eSports, you may also like to read my articles on CS:GO or Dota 2. However, as I said, my favourite sport has always been and still is cricket. So, if you’re a fan of the sport like me, then we have a lot in common, and I can help you place your bets. Join the community of my site and start earning.

Betraja cricket betting

In my articles on cricket betting, I will guide you on the whole universe of betting on this sport. You can learn about my criteria for choosing the best site since, the sites I bet on bring 30% or even more profit than others. 

Also, if you have an Android or iOS smartphone, I will suggest you a top cricket earning app. Also, you can get lots of free tips for successful betting. I’ll also reveal the secret of where to get the best cricket betting bonus and how to make money with the minimum investment.

Betraja football betting

If you’re not a cricket fan like me, but I bet you love football. If my guess is correct, then you should visit the Betraja site. For all the football lovers out there, my site has as much content as it does about cricket, and believe me, and I can surprise you. After all, I’m sure no one has ever written and shared such information and tips before. After reading my articles (which are absolutely free), you can also earn and get incredible emotions.



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