Impact of technology on society management app

A society management application is a software platform designed to streamline the management of residential communities or housing societies. An all-encompassing program automates a wide range of societal administration operations, such as maintenance requests, visitor management, accounting and billing, communication, and security management. With a society management application, residents can submit maintenance requests, pay their dues online, access announcements, and communicate with each other and the society management committee through a single platform. On the other hand, the management committee can make use of the application to manage security access, create bills, track maintenance requests, and monitor society’s financial records.

Applications for society administration can facilitate administrative work as well as enhance residents’ living standards by giving them a platform for effective communication and access to necessary services. Residents may be informed about significant societal developments and events owing to real-time updates and notifications, and the management committee can respond to residents’ needs more promptly and effectively. As a result, the Indian government revised the GST on property to entice more individuals to own property. While the new GST rate is 5% for non-affordable or luxury housing units without ITC, it is only 1% when acquiring affordable housing units.

Impact of technology

Technology has had a significant impact on society management in recent years, transforming the way residential communities are managed and operated. One of the most notable impacts of technology has been the development of a society management app, which provides a comprehensive platform for managing various tasks involved in society management, including maintenance requests, billing, security management, and communication.


  • Technology has streamlined and automated society management, making it more effective. With the advent of around-the-clock tracking and online maintenance requests, repairs, and maintenance tasks may now be executed more promptly. The accuracy and automation of billing and accounting procedures have also increased, minimizing inaccuracy and lightening the strain on management committees.


  • The administration of communication in society has also been significantly impacted by technology. Due to the development of society management software, residents can now connect with the management committee via a single platform, obviating the need for in-person meetings and increasing the effectiveness of communications in general. As a result, internet discussion boards and communities have sprouted up, giving locals a place to exchange information, suggestions, and criticism on all facets of society administration. 


  • The incorporation of automation and smart technologies has had a tremendous impact on societal management. Applications for society management can incorporate smart technologies, such as smart locks and security cameras, to provide real-time access control and security surveillance. This has led to a significant improvement in the security and safety of residential communities.


  • Technology has also significantly influenced how society manages its impact on the environment and its sustainability. Technology has made it possible to create sustainable housing communities by lowering energy use and garbage production. For instance, the integration of smart energy systems into a society management app enables citizens to monitor and control their energy use, lower their carbon footprint, and save money on utility bills.


  • Also, technology has made it simpler for management committees to implement sustainability and green projects, such as recycling programs and community gardens. Residents can be informed about the importance of sustainability and educated on ways to mitigate their environmental impact.


  • Another impact of technology on society management has been the development of remote management and virtual property tours. Prospective tenants can now take virtual tours of properties with the aid of virtual reality and video conferencing capabilities, eliminating the need for physical visits and saving time and resources. Similarly, management committees can now oversee and administer their communities virtually, which reduces the requirement for physical presence and increases flexibility.


Therefore, the way residential communities are operated and maintained has been transformed by society management applications. These apps have expedited administrative procedures, enhanced communication, increased security, and safety, and encouraged sustainability. The management of society has improved in accuracy, efficiency, and dependability with the incorporation of smart technologies. Applications for society management should grow even more sophisticated as technology develops, improving the quality of life for citizens. Applications for society management have generally been a useful addition to contemporary society management, providing several advantages to both management committees and inhabitants.

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