Most lucrative small-scale energy-related business ideas

Small-scale energy businesses are a great way to make extra money on the side, or if you want to invest in a business that may grow over time. Hence you should definitely take a break from checking out the costs of most popular franchises like a Starbucks franchise or a dominos franchise and explore this untravelled path. This list of some of the most lucrative small-scale energy business ideas can teach you how to create a profitable, successful new venture on the side.

  1. Biodiesel Production

Biodiesel is a type of diesel fuel that can be produced from vegetable oils and animal fats. Biodiesel is typically made from soybean oil, sunflower oil, or cottonseed oil. It can also be made using waste cooking oil, used motor oil, or even used restaurant grease.

Biodiesel has a higher energy content than regular diesel fuel and is, therefore, more cost-effective to use in vehicles. Biodiesel can also be used as an alternative to traditional fossil fuels like gasoline when it comes to powering engines on boats and other forms of transportation.


  1. Generator Manufacturing

Generators are an important part of our everyday lives and for many people, they are the most daunting item to purchase. If you have a business that provides a generator, you could be in a good position to make money from it. 

You could also offer to install and repair generators as well. This is a very profitable business idea because there is always a demand for generators as people get older and need more electricity to run their homes or businesses.

  1. Home Energy Consultancy

Energy efficiency is becoming more important as people want to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on energy costs. A home energy consultancy could offer a service that allows customers to improve their home energy efficiency by installing energy-saving devices such as solar panels or water heaters, or making other improvements such as insulation. The best thing about this type of business is that it doesn’t require any specialist knowledge or expertise as long as you have access to some equipment such as meters and thermometers that allow you to measure things like temperature, and power usage etcetera. The key is being able to provide sound advice based on what customers need rather than just selling products or services directly.

  1. Petrol pump


Petrol pumps are a great way to turn a profit at home. You can buy a used petrol pump and put it in your garage or garden shed. The cost of the pump will be minimal and it is likely you will make money from the sale of petrol. This is an ideal business idea for someone who wants to earn a little extra money on their own time.

  1. solar lamp manufacturing

Solar lamps are another great business idea for small-scale energy businesses. The cost of producing these lamps is very low, but they make a lot of money when installed in homes or businesses as they provide light during the nighttime when people are sleeping. These lights are also useful for people who live in remote areas where there isn’t much electricity available, so this is another profitable business for anyone who wants to get started without any investment costs or the capital required!

  1. Gas Station

A gas station is another viable small-scale energy business idea that requires little investment and can turn a profit in less than four months when starting out. You will need to purchase some pumps, dispensers and storage tanks along with selling gasoline, heating oil and other fuels like propane. You can also sell accessories such as windshield washer fluid or air freshener spray at the same time you sell gas at your station. A gas station or a petrol pump dealership may be more difficult to obtain than the rest of the items on this list however they definitely have the potential to be the most profitable.

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