What Is a CEH Course and Why You Should Consider Taking It?

What Is a CEH Course and Why You Should Consider Taking It?

If you are an ethical hacker, then landing on a proper job might be a slight issue for you. You might already be equipped with sufficient knowledge as well as experience in the field, such as n how to use penetrating tools, the SIEM systems, as well as all about the latest technologies. Yet, a lot of times a job interview may not go the way that you had planned. 

We are talking about a situation where a hiring manager asks you about your experience in the field, and thus you find yourself in a situation where you have a lot of information but are not quite sure which ones can be shared with him. Your role as a penetration tester requires you to be bound by confidentiality agreements with all your employers, thus you do not want to break it in the interview. 

Thus, in a situation like this, if you have in your bag a certification that is industry-recognized, you have proof that supports both your knowledge as well as experience. CEG is one of these certifications, which we shall be talking about a little more in detail in this article!

1. What Is A CEH?

The CEH training course stands for a certified ethical hacker course, the certification of which is offered by the EC Council. This certification validates your in-depth knowledge about how to bypass the security defense system that has been set up by an organization. This can be done by accessing some of the critical data of the organization such as databases, networks, and applications, through the tiny gaps that can be found in their security construct.

This role tests both your skills as well as knowledge in uncovering the many vulnerabilities of an organization that can be attacked by a malicious hacker. The CEH certification equips you with all the necessary skills and understanding of the crucial hacking tools, preventive countermeasures, as well as constantly evolving attack vectors.  

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2.Why You Must Consider Getting A CEH Training?

The CEH certification allows penetration testers to land onto their dream jobs by giving a validation that their skill set matches the standards that are required by the industry. In this role, the results that are delivered as well as all the vulnerabilities that are found in the organization’s system are strictly confined within a confidential shell. Hence, it is needless to say that proving your skills and that you are fitting for the job might be quite tricky. Thus the CEH Certification works as a benchmark that your expertise in the field of ethical hacking is quite up to the standards and that you are a rightful candidate to be selected for such job roles.

Final Word 

In order to grab your dream role as an ethical hacker, you are required to pass the CEH certification exam that is organized by the EC council. Once you are successful in doing so, you become capable of getting high-paying jobs in the biggest companies around the globe!

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