Visiting Australia for the first time? Don’t miss these essential attractions

Australia and India have always had a special relationship. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has joked in the past that it all comes down to a shared love of cricket and curry, but while that is certainly a fine foundation for any relationship, it runs deeper. 

Almost a million Australians say they are of Indian origin – a significant proportion given that the total population is about 25 million. After the travel restrictions of recent times, many of us are more determined than ever to visit some of our bucket list destinations, and more direct flights between India and Australia make Down Under a more tempting destination than ever.

First time in Australia? Planning is key

If you are among the thousands planning to visit Australia for the first time, plenty of magic awaits. But be aware there is so much to experience, it’s simply impossible to cover everything. It is essential to plan properly in advance, and in part, your options will be restricted by the cities you visit. 

But subject to that proviso, we have gathered some of the attractions that you really ought to factor in if you can. 

Marvel at the wonder of the Great Barrier Reef (Cairns)

Cairns is not the best-known city in Australia, but if you love nature and the water, then it is worth fitting it in to see the Great Barrier Reef. One of the true wonders of the natural world, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never forget. 

The reef provides a habitat for almost 1600 species of fish, and although the best way to get up close to it is by scuba diving or snorkelling, you can also appreciate it from a boat trip if you prefer to stay above water.

Culture, clubbing and casino at The Rocks (Sydney)

Another common passion between Australians and Indians is playing games of chance. Indians tend to favour card games, while in Australia, slot games, otherwise known as pokies, are the top choice. Sydney’s main entertainment area is known as The Rocks, and it boasts two world class casinos. If you’ve never tried Aussie casino games before click herefor some Australian casino apps that will help familiarise you with the pokies and other casino games.

The fun doesn’t stop there. The Rocks is also home. to dozens of bars and nightclubs, and if you want something a little more cultural, the world famous Opera House is within walking distance. This year, it is celebrating its 50th anniversary, so there are even more special events on than usual. 

Check out Australian wine at source (Adelaide)

Over recent decades, Australia has become one of the most important “new world” wine producer on the global stage. More than half of Australia’s vineyards are centred around a relatively small area of South Australia. Most of them welcome visitors and have tours and tasting events. 

If wine is an important aspect to your visit, try to go around Easter time and spend some days in the wine country during the Barossa Vintage Festival. It’s a week-long event that celebrates not only of Australia’s wine but also locally produced food and the arts.

Be at one with nature on Kangaroo Island (Adelaide)

There are stunning nature reserves and national parks all across Australia. But if the wine scene tempts you to touch down in Adelaide, then Kangaroo Island is the perfect place to visit kangaroos, wallabies, koalabears, platypus, sea lions, and in excess of 250 species of birds.

The crossing takes 45 minutes and there is no public transport on the island, so either take your hire car on the ferry or hire one there. The roads are narrow, so it’s better to have a small car than an SUV if possible.

These are just a few of the wonders that Australia has on offer, and you might not be able to fit them all into one trip – but there is always next time!

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