The skilled Harold Larwood

Harold Larwood was a highly skilled English fast bowler who made a significant impact on the sport of cricket during the early to mid-20th century. Born on November 14, 1904, in Nuncargate, Nottinghamshire, Larwood’s cricketing prowess earned him a place among the all-time greats of the game. Currently you can go to 1xBet site, where great teams from England are also featured.

Larwood is best known for his role in the infamous “Bodyline” series of 1932-33, where England played against Australia. Under the captaincy of Douglas Jardine, England employed a controversial and aggressive tactic to combat the exceptional batting skills of Sir Don Bradman, Australia’s batting legend. Make sure to go to the 1xBet site whenever other great series between England and Australia take place.

This tactic, known as “Bodyline” or “Leg Theory,” involved bowlers like Larwood delivering short-pitched and leg-side deliveries aimed at unsettling the batsmen and targeting their bodies. Larwood executed this tactic masterfully, consistently troubling the Australian batsmen with his sheer pace and accuracy. His partnership with Bill Voce was crucial to England’s success in that series.

A series with a lot of consequences

Larwood’s bowling during the Bodyline series earned him both admiration and criticism. Punters can use 1x Bet apk if they wish to wager on other great bowlers too.

While he was hailed for his skill and effectiveness, the aggressive tactics led to some unlikely occurrences, such as:

open criticisms to how he acted during the series;
changes to the rules of the sport;
and even diplomatic tensions between England and Australia.

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Other aspects of his career

Beyond the Bodyline series, Larwood had a successful international career, taking 78 wickets in just 21 Test matches at an average of 28.35. His ability to generate pace and bounce made him a formidable opponent, and he played a key role in England’s Ashes victories during the 1930s. Visit now the website 1xBet – bet live cricket match today, including in series like the Ashes.

Larwood’s career was not without its challenges. He faced injuries, and the Bodyline series took a toll on his health. Eventually, he retired from international cricket in 1935 due to injury concerns and differences with the cricketing authorities.

In retirement, Larwood moved to Australia, where he worked as a coal miner and then as a publican. A live cricket match bet can be made on the 1xBet platform on Australian cricket too.

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