Storm International: thanks to courage and initiative, leaders are changing the situation in the gambling market.

The vibrant and dynamic gambling industry is growing rapidly. This has been made possible by modern technological innovations, which are also constantly changing to make this world a better place. Players greatly appreciate and sincerely enjoy the success they have achieved. They must also remain open and receptive to future positive changes, as these changes are guaranteed to happen. One can only hope that these innovations will always be for the better. Storm International, one of the leaders in the ranking of gambling operators, takes an active part in shaping the future of the industry, regularly introducing innovations and creative gambling solutions. Read more about the life of the company below.

Victories in 2023: a mixture of emotions, experience, and important decisions.

In 2023, Storm International showed the world that it can easily adapt to the difficult realities of today. The CEO of Storm International, Darren Keane, said that the company had to repeatedly deal with numerous troubles. The top manager stated with undisguised pride that 2023 for the brand was full of challenges, but despite this, the team dealt with them with intense, and most importantly, joint efforts. And now it is confidently striding into 2024, towards new challenges and achievements.

The main attention in 2023 was undoubtedly focused on the Georgian branch of the brand. And note, that we are not talking about the brand’s successful and luxurious gaming complex in Tbilisi. We are talking about a bright event in the life of the company – the opening of a new respectable casino, Shangri La Batumi. Since August 2023, the new casino of the network began its successful history, making its contribution to the overall success of the entire company.

The Belarusian brand team also deserves every possible and enthusiastic praise for its significant and invaluable contribution to the overall success of the company. A luxurious place for a royal gambling holiday, the Shangri La Minsk casino has been ending many years on a positive note with consistently high results. The casino continues to develop successfully and attract an increasing number of new players to its family.

It is worth mentioning the success of the brand in Armenia. Shangri La Casino Yerevan continues to flourish, being the most important element of the legendary company. But 2024 will bring a new and highly anticipated addition to the Armenian branch of the brand. An elite hotel and a new luxury casino are being built in the very heart of Yerevan. We are looking forward to this exciting event.

An impressive increase in popularity and an impressive increase in attendance were demonstrated in 2023 by the brand’s virtual gaming platform, the online casino Shangri La, known throughout the world and loved by millions of fans of online gambling. The creators of the platform expect a new addition to the gaming range of the virtual platform in 2024, which will help the brand reach new heights and victories.

Constantly striving to be the best.

2023 presented Storm International with many new opportunities and hopes for new successes and achievements. About Storm International, Darren Keane summed it up succinctly: “We are on the right track. You must always believe in yourself and your abilities. Without strong self-confidence, it is impossible to be successful and happy. We believe that in 2024 we have the power to do everything possible for the company’s qualitative growth and to maintain its high position in the world of global gambling.

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