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The gambling industry is inarguably one of the fastest-growing sectors globally. Americans, for instance, gambled more than ever before in 2021, and according to Forbes’s latest reports, the country’s gambling revenue alone hit a record $53 billion. The statistics perhaps explain the rising numbers of online bookmakers, although BetWinner stands out from the crowd, especially for its betwinner apk. BetWinner is the unsung hero in modern-day esports betting in India with its simple design and pleasant user interface.

You don’t have to upgrade your device to access most of these bookmakers. Just download the application, and in most cases, they are compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. The applications support all the sports available on the website. Once you complete your registration, you can start to wager on your favorite sports and casinos. While most of them function alike, some have a few standout features. For instance, players on BetWinner get access to an Esports betting calendar which helps them receive daily bonuses on esports.

Of course, it’s never that easy to win, even with these features. Sometimes, it’s the excitement that keeps punters going as opposed to making money. They all want to win when they can, so betting sites with more features and bonuses are always preferable. But winning is not the main priority, especially for the recreational bettors. However, there is still a considerable population that aims at making money. Such include professional gamblers, and some of them are pretty successful. They understand their strategy, and they earn a decent amount from betting sites with consistency. Notably, it’s not a secluded position for the A-gamers. You can read the millionaire guides to sports betting online or device strategies to help you win but expecting immediate results can be frustrating.

The games available on BetWinner can be profitable, and the platform tries to make things easier for players. Other than the assistance of the Esports calendar, users receive bonuses that can go up to 8,000 INR upon registering and making their first deposit. The bonus gets credited into your account once you make your first deposit starting from 1 Euro. You will get a 100% bonus up to 100 Euros, or the equivalent depending on your currency. Players can use the bonus in any game provided in the sportsbook.

BetWinner Sportsbook Standout Features

Most sportsbooks cater to tens of markets with multiple games and events. However, it takes more than just a variety of games to deliver an excellent experience for gamblers. Besides, only bookies that can integrate innovative features will run the show with the evolving markets.

1.      Payment Options

Standard cards and PayPal are common among sportsbooks, with eWallets coming next. You can find as many of them as you can think of on most betting sites, but cryptocurrency is among the unique additions on BetWinner. You can deposit on the bookie with over 20 different coins, ranging from the big names in the crypto space to the little-known tokens. The options are not limited to deposits, and you can also withdraw your winnings with as many methods.

2.      Customer Service

Excellent customer service instills confidence in players, mainly if you regularly wager with massive amounts. It’s an essential feature in all bookmakers, and that’s why BetWinner provides customer support via phone, email, and live chat. They provide an email for inquiries and complaints and another one for customer feedback.

3.      Odds and Limits

Even the best bookmakers can be useless if the odds and limits are terrible. You can try BetWinner’s odds and fair limits, which stand out from other bookies. Often, punters prefer to compare odds on specific games, but you are less likely to find better deals on another site.

4.      Live Streaming Games

Gamblers at BetWinner have an expansive game variety which includes but is not limited to:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Dart
  • Chess
  • Futsal

You can bet on any of these games and more, and the platform includes a live stream feature. You can stream games in progress and see open markets for the game. It’s a great addition if you love live betting or monitoring the performance of your active bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

From which countries can I access BetWinner?

You can access BetWinner from many countries, including India, South Africa, and Nigeria, but it is unavailable in the USA, UK, Netherlands, France, Italy, and Iran.

Is BetWinner Safe for Use?

Yes. BetWinner is a licensed sports betting site, and user data is protected using SSL data encryption.

Is Sports Betting Addictive?

Yes. All forms of gambling pose addiction risks.



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