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The details of Rupali Barua’s personal life, particularly her marriages and family, add depth to her profile. Initially married to Mitam Barooah, a doctor based in England, she faced the tragedy of his untimely passing. In a turn of events that brought her into the limelight, she later married Ashish Vidyarthi, a well-known Indian actor, in 2023. This marriage not only connected her with the Indian film industry but also brought a new family dynamic, as she became a stepmother to Ashish’s son from his previous marriage. In this article, we will discuss Rupali Barua’s biography and more details like Rupali Barua age and personal life.

Rupali Barua Personal Life

Full NameRupali Barua ( Also known as Rupali Barooah )
Date of Birth19 April 1973
Age (as of 2024)51 years
BirthplaceGuwahati, Assam, India
Zodiac SignTaurus
NationalityBritish ( by residency )
HomwtownGuwahati, Assam

Rupali Barua, a notable figure in the fashion industry, was born on April 21, 1973, in Guwahati, Assam, India. She is 50 years old as of 2023 and hails from a British background. Rupali’s educational journey in anthropology includes a Bachelor and a Master of Arts from Cotton University and Gauhati University, respectively. Her personal life has been marked by her marriage to Mitam Barooah, a doctor in England, who sadly passed away. Later, she found love again with Indian actor Ashish Vidyarthi, whom she married in 2023. This union also made her a stepmother to Ashish’s son from his previous marriage.

Rupali Barua Education

SchoolSt. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Guwah
Higher EducationBachelor of Arts in Anthropology at Cotton University, Guwahati
Master of Arts in Anthropology at Gauhati University, Guwahati

Rupali Barua’s educational background reflects her strong foundation in the field of anthropology. She completed her higher education in Guwahati, Assam, where she pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology at Cotton University. Following her undergraduate studies, she furthered her academic pursuit by obtaining a Master of Arts in Anthropology from Gauhati University, also located in Guwahati. Her education in anthropology likely provided her with a unique perspective and understanding of cultures and societies, which could have influenced her career path and entrepreneurial ventures in the fashion industry.

Physical Attributes

HeightApproximately 5 feet 7 inches
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack

Rupali Barua, known for her elegance and presence in the fashion industry, stands approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her physical appearance is characterized by her black hair and brown eyes, complementing her graceful stature. These attributes contribute to her persona as a fashion entrepreneur and public figure.

Family Background

ParentsFather – Ambika Barua (deceased)
Mother – Kamali Barua
SiblingsSister – Meghali B L
Marrital StatusMarried
SpouseFirst Husband: Mitam Barooah (doctor in England; deceased)
Second Husband: Ashish Vidyarthi (Indian actor)
Children: Stepson – Arth Vidyarthi (from Ashish Vidyarthi’s previous marriage)

Rupali Barua comes from a family with roots in Guwahati, Assam, India. Her father, Ambika Barua, is no longer alive. Her mother, Kamali Barua, has been a significant figure in her life. Rupali also has a sister, Meghali B L, professionally associated with Medica Superspecialty Hospital in Kolkata.

Her personal life has seen significant changes over the years. Initially, Rupali was married to Mitam Barooah, a doctor based in England. Sadly, Mitam passed away, leaving a profound impact on her life. Later, Rupali married Indian actor Ashish Vidyarthi in 2023. This marriage brought a new dynamic into her life, as she became a stepmother to Ashish’s son, Arth Vidyarthi, from his previous marriage.

Rupali Barua Career

ProfessionFashion Entrepreneur
Notable VenturesCo-founded Reel and Weave in Birmingham, United Kingdom (dissolved in 2016)
Founded NAMEG Store, a handloom clothing store in Kolkata
Co-owner of Café Na-Ru-Meg in Kolkata

Rupali Barua’s career is distinguished by her entrepreneurial ventures in the fashion industry. She co-founded a clothing retail company named Reel and Weave in Birmingham, UK. However, this venture was later dissolved in 2016. After returning to India, she established the NAMEG Store in Kolkata, focusing on handloom clothing, showcasing her commitment to the fashion industry. Rupali is also a co-owner of Café Na-Ru-Meg in Kolkata, diversifying her entrepreneurial pursuits.

Other Interests

HobbiesTraveling and Singing
Social Media PresenceActive on Instagram, often shares pictures in sarees and personal life updates

Rupali Barua, beyond her professional life in the fashion industry, has a range of other interests that reflect her diverse personality and lifestyle. She has a keen interest in traveling, exploring new places, and experiencing different cultures. This love for travel is often reflected in her social media presence, where she shares her adventures and experiences from various locations.

Additionally, Rupali is fond of singing, indicating a passion for music and performing arts. This hobby not only showcases her artistic side but also adds to her multifaceted persona. Her social media accounts often feature glimpses of her engaging in these activities, providing a window into her personal life beyond her entrepreneurial ventures.

Significant Life Events

First MarriegeTo Mitam Barooah; he passed away later
Second MarriageMarried Ashish Vidyarthi on May 25, 2023, in a court marriage at Kolkata Club

Rupali Barua’s life is characterized by significant personal and professional milestones. Her first marriage to Mitam Barooah, a doctor in England, was a defining phase of her life, deeply impacted by his untimely death. Later, she married Indian actor Ashish Vidyarthi in 2023, which brought her into the public eye and extended her family, as she became a stepmother to his son. Professionally, Rupali founded the clothing company Reel and Weave in the UK and later established NAMEG Store, a handloom clothing store in Kolkata. She also ventured into the café business with Café Na-Ru-Meg. These events have greatly influenced her growth both personally and professionally.

Lesser-Known Facts

Rupali Barua, while known for her entrepreneurial endeavors and marriage to actor Ashish Vidyarthi, has several lesser-known aspects to her life that add depth to her persona:

  1. Beauty Pageant Winner: Rupali is not just a businesswoman but also a beauty pageant winner. She earned the title of “Miss Guwahati,” showcasing her early interest in fashion and aesthetics.
  2. Modeling Career: Her involvement in the fashion industry extends beyond entrepreneurship. Rupali has also worked as a model, specifically for her clothing line, demonstrating her multifaceted engagement with the industry.
  3. Social Media Activity: Rupali is quite active on social media, especially Instagram. She frequently shares her life experiences, fashion choices, and travel adventures with her followers, giving them a glimpse into her life beyond her professional achievements.
  4. Cultural Enthusiast: Her love for wearing sarees and sharing these moments on social media indicates a deep appreciation for her cultural roots. This interest aligns with her work in the fashion industry, where she has a focus on handloom clothing.
  5. Avid Traveler and Singer: Rupali’s Instagram feed also reveals her passion for traveling and singing, highlighting her love for exploration and the arts.

These facets of her life paint a picture of Rupali as not just a businesswoman but also a culturally rooted, creative individual with a zest for life and diverse interests.

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Social and Cultural Impact of Rupali Barua

Rupali Barua has made a significant social and cultural impact, primarily through her work in the fashion industry. Her focus on handloom clothing with her venture, NAMEG Store in Kolkata, promotes traditional Indian textiles, supporting local artisans and cultural heritage. As a role model for aspiring women entrepreneurs, she inspires others with her resilience and success in business.

Additionally, her active social media presence and personal style, often featuring traditional Indian attire, contribute to the appreciation and promotion of Indian cultural dress. Her journey and achievements have made her an influential figure in both the fashion world and beyond.

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