Pillars of Shared Office Spaces That Take Work Experience From Bland to Brilliant

The proliferation of COVID cases has created a disruption to the way we actually work. Additionally, it makes conventional office spaces almost redundant with the demand for modern shared workspaces. Small and medium-sized business owners are also looking for flexible workspace solutions which are tech-enabled and follow all the safety precautions for providing a healthy and safe working environment to employees.

A shared workspace is considered a boon for workaholics. Why not? From a collaborative work environment to individual growth opportunities, employees can expect an excellent work-life balance. According to Harvard Business Review, people thrive in coworking spaces which score an average of 6 on a 7-point scale.

Designing a modern workspace that induces productivity may be a complicated task, but coworking spaces help their members by designing modern and flexible workspaces. 

In this article, we will discuss the pillars of a coworking space. Let’s take a cursory look: 

Coworking Spaces and Their Design: A Modern-day Approach

With a plethora of conducive micro-environments, coworking spaces are diverse workspaces. They are the amalgamation of the volatile work ecosystem and smart minds which has helped many companies grow by leaps and bounds. 

The coworking spaces concept encourages people to work and grow together. Today’s workspaces include scalability, interchangeability, and flexibility. Thankfully, coworking spaces provide all these things in a way that works in the current scenario. Coworking spaces fit well for entrepreneurs and enterprises due to their cost-effective and convenient features. They have the following features:

  • Social hubs
  • Meeting spaces
  • Open cafeterias
  • Incubators
  • Activity zones 
  • Co-creation workshops

Let’s take a closer look at how coworking spaces take the work experience from bland to brilliant:

1. Increased Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces are like mitochondria, powerhouses of experiences and ideas. A confluence of different types of people and their perspectives. Sharing the office space with other folks helps unlock possibilities to grow simultaneously with a professional network. 

Additionally, you can concentrate on venturing into new partnerships and collaborations. Also, working in a collaborative environment helps employees to boost their day-to-day productivity. 

2. Connectivity and Location 

Location and connectivity play a pivotal role in choosing a workplace. Employees want office space which is well-connected with all prominent and nearby landmarks, market spaces, and housing. This will reduce the timing and the stress of commuting long distances. Instead, employees can put that time into working, brainstorming and generating new ideas. 

3. State-of-the-Art Working Environment

This pandemic may have devastated mankind, but it has also accelerated the tech-enabled workspaces demand. Every small to large organization is now seeking a workplace that offers seamless technology for covering day-to-day operations and workflows. Coworking office spaces aim to provide newfangled mobile technologies, cloud computing services, and IoT technology for defining workspaces without compromising their productivity and quality. This ultimately helps to increase the efficiency of employees. 

4.Flexibility and Easy Access

During the pandemic, workspace flexibility is the main concern for the people as they want to avoid any congregation. On that note, coworking spaces can provide the flexibility to work without any hassle, while maintaining social distance. Besides, configurable working options for members are also responsible for coworking spaces’ ongoing demand. Coworking’s a one-size-fits-all kind of service that is loved by employers. 

5. Work-life Balance and Amenities

Working efficiently and being productive is always the key to success. Coworking spaces cater to employees with state-of-the-art workspaces, along with greater flexibility and innovative designs. Some coworking spaces form alliances with various service providers to give exclusive deals and offers to employees. 

Work-life balance helps employees cut through the noise. That is why most coworking spaces conduct interesting events to keep their members happy after a hectic work schedule. Events like cultural competitions, DIY workshops, and business-related seminars provide employees with the chance to become a social butterfly. This recreational exposure helps the employees to stay work-oriented and motivated along with increasing productivity. 

The bottom line 

With the continuous expansion of the work ecosystem, coworking spaces are like the cherry on top. Stereotypical offices have already broken out of their shell to transform their aesthetic and functional properties. Now not only startups are favoring coworking spaces, but corporate giants are also taking advantage of them. CEOs of respective companies believe that the best workplace design has the possibility for innovation. 

We have a few recommendations for coworking operators: 

Hatchstation is providing affordable workspaces in Hyderabad, which are appropriate for freelancers and small-size business owners. It is a flexible workspace that has all the amenities to serve you. 

Zioks is a shared office space in Kolkata that offers all the necessary amenities which help like-minded professionals connect and be a part of the community. Integrated with all the tech-enabled amenities, it accommodates the workstyle preferences of different professionals in an affordable way.

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