Online electricity bill payment: Everything you need to know

Payment of electricity bills online is one of the easiest ways to clear your monthly dues. Digitalization has made everything more accessible and manageable than the previous generations. With advancements, many platforms arose to dominate the markets, like electricity bill payments, water, gas etc. MobiKwik is one such platform where you get everything at hand and don’t need to hover around to make payments.

Perks of making payment online:

When you make payments online, there are many advantages that you get. Let’s delve into the benefits you get from paying your DHBVN electricity bills online and why you should go for an online mode of payment instead of a physical mode:

1. Efficient and convenient

Online payments can be termed one of the easiest modes of making payments. It is relatively safer than the other mode of payment. You don’t need to keep a track record of each and every detail about the electricity bill payment. You just need to use trusted payment apps and make payments conveniently.

2. Earn referral and reward points


Online SBPDCL payments don’t only offer convenience. Along with payments, you get special referrals and bonus points, which you can use either for the next time of payment or for making payments for any other needs. This might not be the option if you go in a physical setup to clear your dues. You need to make payment at the exact cost every month. But by using apps like MobiKwik, you get discounts as well as other rewards if you’re a regular customer.

3. Security and encryption


Online DHBVN payments through reliable applications are 100% safe. This means your digital transactions are free from any kind of theft. There are various types of legalities as well when you’re making payments going to banks. Either you do a cash payment or a check payment. However, There’s a possibility that your check might get bounced due to various reasons. This might delay your payment. If you directly go to the office to pay your bills, you might sometimes lose your money accidentally. This will only create inconvenience if you have a busy schedule.

4. Organized and well-maintained


People nowadays have a very hectic schedule. People tend to forget payment due dates and find it difficult to maintain their transactions. These platforms have come a long way in easing these problems and making everything systematic and organized. When you make an online electricity bill payment, you get reminded of the due date once the bill gets generated. The bill gets scheduled for every month through the portal of the electricity board you opted for. You can check the bills from the official website or opt for UPI apps or other online platforms.

For example, if you come under the SBPDCL, you just need to have an internet connection to check your bills and pay online using MobiKwik.

5. Transparency and Ecological balance


Digital transactions have resulted in transparency from both sides. Neither of the transaction holders can commit any type of fraud. However, it is easy to do these types of fraud if the payment structure is made completely of physical setup.

Sometimes, electricity bills generated may seem higher or more than your general usage. Customer executives should question this. This may get solved after a few days. However, this type of scenario only creates hassle and inconvenience in one’s busy life.

There also comes an argument if going digital will reduce production costs incurred in bill production in paper form. When you make an online electricity bill payment, you are not only part of the digital ecosystem but contribute to maintaining the ecological balance too.


The benefits you get from making the payment of an SBPDCL electricity bill online are innumerable. You get ease at everything As the payments are more organized. Aside from our power to choose texas electric, making online electricity bill payments is worth your time and effort.The most important thing about online electricity bill payment is that you can maintain a regular transaction schedule. The online payment method is as easy and accessible for everyone with the internet or a smartphone. Various platforms in the market and choose everything based on your requirements.

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