Moneyline Parlay Bet: A Complete Guide To Skyrocket Your Every NFL Win

Gamblers have an insistence cipher in their heart for sports betting Singapore, and it nurtures when they accomplish to bet with the aid of different betting types, one of them being the Moneyline parlay bet. Money line Parlay bets have a special significance in sports betting, the most important being in its name-moneyline parlay. These are two separate betting types infused in the mane-’Moneyline Parlay’.

Due to their familiarity, it has been juxtaposed. According to a survey, the average sportsbook  has won a 30.97% percentage on parlays since 1992, so they provide parlay bets at their podiums. Hence, this is a squat guide to make bettors understand to bet with two types of bets and gain huge rewards from sports betting.

Understanding the Math Behind Parlay Betting

Parlay bets gained popularity as every bettor dreams of turning a small cash amount into a big payday. Sportsbooks promote their brand name by declaring the big parlay winners on Instagram without posting the thousands of losing parlay tickets. Parlay bets are formed when a bettor combines multiple wagers for a single bet is referred to as a parlay bet.

Here the gambler has to win every small bet to win the parlay bet. On the flip side, if he loses any one of the bets, the entire parlay falls into a big pit, and the bettor finally gains no rewards. But, if you win, parlays are accomplished with high payouts, which are the lucrative side of this betting type which they get from a series of money lines. Thus, depending on the sportsbook and the region, the type of bets are named accumulators and multis.

Calculating the odds of parlay bets, the bettor has to think distinctively as it involves trickery functions expressed in the odds calculation, partially knowing how US sportsbooks form their odds in sports betting as they look for potential winnings from a parlay, and that is what a gambler wants to beat off. Therefore, at money line parlays, you cannot bet with fixed odds, as the odds are designated and vary from team to team. When a parlay bet is made against the point spread, it attends a 50-50 chance for each winning team. In that respect, money line parlays are far better.

To calculate a payout:

  •     Transform the American odds to decimal odds
  •     Multiply the wins by your bet amount
  •     Multiply all the decimal odds together
  •     Subtract your real wager to get the parlay odds

Assume you are betting on a parlay with three-point spreads. Each of the points strikes at -120. First, as said in point number one, you need to transform them into decimals, the result is 2.0. Multiplying them, you get:

As it is three points spread, you have to multiply it like this: 2.0 x 2.0 x 2.0  = 6.00   

Taking a betting amount of $10, multiply it like this:

6.00 x 10 = 6.00

To get your parlay winning amount, you need to make a subtraction:

69.7 – 10 = 5.00

Thus, you get an answer where your win from the parlay bet lies at $5.00 for every $10 bet.

What is the Payout Conception of Parlay Betting

Another example of parlay bet: if a bettor has immense anticipation that the Packers (+3) and Ravens (-5) will surely cover the spreads on an NFL Sunday, then without thinking, bet with $10, hence, $5 for each team. If both of them succeed, the winning amount is $17. However, the bettor would combine the two bets to get 2.60 times his bet.

This showcases that betting with parlays provides massive payout, but it consists of some risk, which you must beat. A few examples are provided underneath that showcases how parlays would work with hypothetical bets in the NFL season using the different parlay calculator:

Push on a Parlay

If one of the bets involved in a parlay declares a push or tie, the bet is detached from the parlay and affixed to the remaining bets.

If a three-team parlay consists of two bets correct, but unfortunately, the third one is graded as a push, the already pushed bet is removed immediately, and the parlay bet is accounted for on the two-team parlay, and the payouts are adjusted.

Round Robin Parlay

With this calculator, you can bet with multiple parlays and create parlays of various sizes with this Round robin parlays, with each parlay variation requiring an individual wager.

For example, while betting with a  four-team, a bettor can include round-robin parlays with two, three, and four teams. If any possible combination of winning bets suits the odds of the parlays, it will start paying. Still, as it is a parlay bet, you must place individual wagers that comprise 11 different parlay combinations.

Parlay Cards

Many sportsbooks use a standard set of odds via parlay cards to determine parlay payouts. Bettors strive to accumulate football parlay cards which are very popular on NFL Sundays, where many casual bettors risk their money from winning the parlay cards as parlay cards offer a set of payout amounts relying on the point spread and Over/Under parlays. Winning from the parlay cards is determined when you win all the selections when a bettor accuses a “ties win” parlay card.

On the flip side, You will start losing money if any of your selections lose. Don’t ever try to bet on the ties lose” parlay card. It will ruin you if one of your selections is tied.

Like a standard parlay, you bet on the tie selection on a half-point card. It steadily reduces your payout amounts and size by one. For example, if you make a tie-lose parlay card where the selection is 1 of 4, your payout will be reduced to 3 selections.


Are you heart-urged to try this parlay betting for once? If you have learned about this betting type and have a concise understanding, you can bet, don’t forget, it gives good payouts. Maxim88 online casino Singapore is one of the sites enlisted in the recommendations list to register for that look for a sportsbook. It provides various types of sports events. Football is popular to bet on according to your choice, with lucrative odds set up and good payouts for each sport. 

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