Know-How Innovative Methods at the University of Exeter Will Help You Land Your Dream Job

The University of Exeter is a research-oriented public university established in 1955. However, the roots of the university were laid further back as the School of Science and Art. In 1900, its name was changed to the Royal Albert Memorial College, and it was later authorized as the University of Exeter.


Exeter has world-class facilities that attract numerous researchers from around the world. The university’s instructional and administrative functions are separated into six scholastic colleges, with more than 25,263 students from more than 130 different countries.


In addition, there are various research centers and institutions on campus. A creative writing club, a theatrical club, Socialist Student Societies, a Poker Society, and a Conservative Future Society are among the approximately 200 student organizations operating on campus.


The university also has an athletic union that is responsible for equally and effectively organizing and administering all sports activities. The union oversees roughly 50 sports groups with a total enrollment of about 5,000 pupils.


The university also maintains communication with almost 140,000 alumni from 183 countries. As a graduate, you become a member of their community and are eligible for a variety of free advantages for the rest of your life.


The University of Exeter has many innovative programs that will help you land your dream job. For example, the Create your Future program is a personal and professional development program for first-year students that allows you to contemplate what you want from your future beyond university, and the practical steps to get there. It exposes you to the Exeter Career Zone and assists you in making career decisions. It runs during your first year at university to give you the time you need to investigate choices, make decisions, improve your skills, and get useful experiences.


This program, in itself, should put you in a good position when it comes time to apply for graduate-level employment or further studies. Whether you haven’t begun thinking about your future career plans and ideas, have a clear notion in mind, or already have experience in a certain area, the program material will be tailored to you. You will complete the program with some practical next actions, such as referrals to career zone help that is relevant to you.


Exeter Career Zone provides career information, advice, and guidance, as well as a variety of career fairs, including industry-specific fairs, work placements both at home and abroad, social enterprise and student entrepreneur support to help you start your own business, award-winning sector-specific work experience and training schemes, and much more. This helps in attracting national, regional, and local employers and covering specialty areas such as law, the voluntary and not-for-profit sectors, self-employment, etc.


Career Zone has also collaborated with Handshake, a contemporary career development platform that enables students and graduates to find employers and opportunities, apply for jobs, and attend job fairs and other events.


The efforts of the university to help its students attain successful careers can be further illustrated from the fact that University of Exeter has received national recognition for providing great services like work placements, social enterprise support, dedication to the employability agenda, student entrepreneurship support, and sustainability learning for employability. Their Green Consultants project is an industry-recognized, award-winning training program for students interested in pursuing a profession with an environmental or sustainability focus.


Building a better life is one of the key reasons for going to university. It is a place where you can broaden your experiences, make lifelong friends, mould your personality, and progress along your chosen professional path.  Students at Exeter come from all kinds of backgrounds and have gone on to become politicians, music singers, campaigners, scientists, entrepreneurs, judges, writers, and many other professions.


They’ll assist you in gaining the skills and experience you’ll need to succeed in today’s global employment market. You should consider studying at the University of Exeter as with such modern facilities and cutting-edge technology, it also offers a stable career, a friendly environment, and a global education experience. As a result, the University of Exeter’s unique ways will undoubtedly assist you in landing your dream job.

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