How to bet on cricket at mobile app

Cricket betting online

Cricket is a non-contact team sport that is part of a family of games in which use a bat and a ball, originated in the 16th century in the south of England. Teams take turns hitting the ball and playing in the field, trying to score the maximum number of points or prevent the opponent from doing so. Depending on the format of the game, a team may hit the ball once or twice in a row. In cricket, there are two main playing roles – the bowler serving the ball and the batsman, reflecting the ball with a bat.

How to make bets

Everyone knows the fact that in India the most popular and favorite sport is cricket. Thousands of people follow and cheer for their favorite teams and players. Numerous tournaments have not left anyone indifferent. And betting on this sport is one of the most sought-after and favorite ways to spend time. That’s why bookmakers create sites and apps, so that you can bet anywhere. There is a big variety of bookmakers, and each one of them has an app. Below is a sequence of actions that you need to do in order to place a bet cricket online:

  1. Load your preferred sportsbook on the computer or open an app;
  2. Sign in to the account and navigate to cricket matches;
  3. Choose the event you wish to bet on;
  4. Go through the markets available;
  5. Compare the match odds;
  6. Add your prediction on the bet slip;
  7. Wager some cash and submit the choice.

As you can see, in order to place a bet, users just need to download the platform of interest or open the site, log in to your personal account and select the event. To increase the chance of winning, players need to know what outcomes are offered for events, and which market to choose.

Popular platforms

If you already know the rules of the game and are ready to start winning in cricket, the player needs to choose a platform on which to do so. Below will be presented some of the most famous and high-quality sites as well as their applications:

Parimatch app In the left menu, find “Cricket,” press this item and select the championship. At the center of the screen will appear all events with a brief list of predictions. Click on one of the odds and select “Place Bet” at the top right. Players can also change the bet type if you want to make express or group predictions.
1win app The bookmaker is known for its wide selection of cricket championships and leagues on which you can bet. It is possible to do this from small regional and local competitions to larger championships.
4rabet app Users have a really broad choice of options offered by 4raBet bookmaker. It covers the most significant events that take place in diverse countries. So, you can check the current tournaments as well as upcoming ones online on the main website or app.
Melbet app The live sports betting feature is the most interesting section of the side as it allows punters to wager on cricket live events. The odds are updated in real-time based on the games.
1xbet app 1xBet app is one of the best cricket gambling platforms in India and has everything a user needs. It offers great options for both making bets and gambling. That way, users just focus on what they like best, whether it’s sports betting on a Champions or Premier League match.

You just decide on the application and start winning without leaving your home. All that is needed to do is download the app, install it and create an account.

Cricket bets

Betting on cricket matches is only efficient if you understand the markets. The available market guides users on what event to place. There will be detailed information about the most popular cricket bets:

  • Outright (winner) bets. This is the option where players get to decide the match-winner, tournament winner or series one. Outright Winner is commonly referred to as match betting. For example, if Pakistan is playing Australia in a one-off T20 match, bets will require you to decide which of the two teams will win the event. Of all the available cricket markets, user will find this betting option to be straightforward;
  • Handicaps. This is a variant in which the operator calls the result, creating an advantage for the loser. In short, thanks to handicaps, you can get higher odds when it would not be as competitive otherwise. A good example is when Scotland played Oman and the former ended up scoring 400 points in a One Day International match;
  • Over/Under Markets. Another sports market you can consider when betting on different events such as the Cricket World Cup. This option involves predicting the total number of wickets or runs in a particular match. Your main task is to choose whether the totals will be over or under a specific number;
  • First Ball/First Over Cricket Betting. A market that is highly recommended if you want to bet on an immediate outcome. With this betting market, users get to determine whether the first ball will be a wicket or a four;
  • Team Bets. These markets are direct opposites of player choices. With them, you focus on the whole squad and not a single person;
  • Player Bets. Markets that allow you to gamble on a particular user. Like other betting options, users must do adequate research on these bets to predict accurately. But the good news is that your research may focus on a single player and not the whole team;
  • Innings Run. When betting on Innings, you need to predict the number of runs a team will score for the initial batting period. Unlike most bets, this option does not require to state the exact score but rather guess whether the runs will be above or below a certain number.

These are the most basic betting markets. But in order to start winning, you need to carefully read the rules of the game. And of course, choose a site or application and register.


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