How did the COVID-19 pandemic affected the plans of the Australian cricket squad

The cricket squad from Australia is currently competing in the T20 World Cup. By the way, this competition can be a great reason to decide to start betting any time on 1xBet. As it happens with many of the top squads in the world, Australia had some ambitious plans in order to deliver the best possible performance during the competition. These plans have been in place for a few years. However, according to Aaron Finch, who is the captain of the squad, all these things were “thrown out of the window” due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Just as an example, they wanted to have many specialist bowlers in the squad. In fact, they were training with a good number of them prior to the beginning of the pandemic. However, since the beginning of the lockdowns and all the other measures taken by different governments, it was no longer feasible to work with that number of specialist bowlers. Still, to go on 1xBet any time betting can be a great option to wager on Australia. Now the team is attending the competition with just four specialist bowlers. Still, they hope to deliver the best possible performance.

The suspended test match between India and England is still a huge topic

Probably many fans remember that a few months ago there was a last-minute suspension of a test match between the Indian and the English cricket squads. Whenever those two teams play, it is possible to enjoy 1xBet online cricket betting in India. Now, after a lot of negotiations, it has finally been announced that the match will have a new date. Specifically, the idea is to have the event between the 1st and the 5th of July of next year. The stadium that will host the match is Edgbaston.


It should be remembered that this is not an isolated match. Instead, it is a match that is part of a series in which India was leading 2-1. 1xBet India online cricket betting in the country can be the best option to place wagers on these squads.

Zimbabwe ready to receive fans in their cricket venues

Zimbabwe is a country that has been deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the territory is trying to go back to normal. And one of the things that are being organized are a few cricket matches in the country. It is always possible to visit to wager on all of them. There are a few things to consider about this gradual return, such as:


  • only 1,000 spectators will be allowed in the venue, all must be fully vaccinated;
  • the match will be a female test series between Zimbabwe and Bangladesh;
  • this is a trial whose results will be analyzed later.


This match hopefully will allow people from the country to enjoy cricket. It is always possible to wager in matches of this kind at the 1xBet website.

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