February 10, 2024

Here are the most important things in your Term Insurance

5 Important things about Term Insurance – You Should know

Term Insurance is among the easiest insurance types to get. Term Insurance, also called pure term life insurance, has a specific start and end date, usually 10-30 years in length. There are no cash value, dividends, or savings with term insurance, and coverage can be immediately affected by other factors including age, family health history, and lifestyle choices such as drinking and smoking. And although it has fewer options than permanent life insurance, there are still important things you should know about the best term plan insurance before you buy it to protect your family’s financial future.

1) What is term insurance?

Term insurance is an insurance policy that provides coverage for a fixed period of time. They are usually for one year, with some policies being for as long as ten years.

Unlike permanent insurance, which pays out benefits no matter what the cause of death, best-term plan insurance only pays out benefits if you die from an illness or accident during the term of the policy.

Term life insurance is used to replace your income should you die early and your family would not have enough money to support themselves. Many people combine it with other types of life insurances such as whole life or universal life when they want both protection against potential financial risks and investment opportunities.

2) Who should buy term insurance?

1. People who cannot afford to buy whole life insurance should buy term life insurance.
2. Term insurance is perfect for people with low income as it is more affordable.
3. Term insurance is not ideal for people with long life expectancies or those who are planning to have children, as these factors can increase the cost of the premiums.
4. Term insurance is also not suitable for people who need money at an uncertain time in the future, such as those saving for their retirement.
5. Term insurance does not provide any benefits if you live past your policy’s term.

3) What are the costs involved in buying term insurance?

There are no costs involved when buying the best term plan insurance. What does that mean? That’s right, the price of your term insurance will not change for the duration of your policy. What does change though is that you’ll need to pay an annual premium while renewing it.

The cost of this will depend on your age and health at the time and the policy’s duration – so, as with all other life insurance policies, there’s no way to know what it might be.

If you want to increase the level of cover or add more features to your policy (such as a waiver of premium), then you’ll need to buy another one. However, if you’re happy with your current cover, then just continue paying your premiums until either you stop paying them or they lapse due to non-payment.

4) How do I compare policies from different insurers?

To compare policies, you need to look at the sum assured, premium, and features offered. The sum assured is the maximum amount you will be paid if you die during the policy period. Different insurers offer different amounts of cover (typically 20-25 years).

The premium is the annual premium payable for your life cover which depends on your age and the total sum assured.

There are many other factors that affect the price of a term insurance policy such as whether it includes an accidental death benefit and inflation protection.

5) When should I renew my policy?

Term insurance is a type of best-term plan life insurance that provides coverage for a specific period of time. The coverage ends once the term expires. In other words, the policy expires at the end of the term, and you will need to reapply if you want to continue with your coverage.

You should renew your term insurance when one or more of these situations occurs:

Your existing term insurance policy has expired and it’s been over 1 year since your last renewal.

With Canara HSBC Life Insurance’s iSelect Smart360 Term Plan, you can relax knowing that your policy is guaranteed as long as no more than two premium payments are missed in any 12-month period. In case something happens and you can’t make your payments on time, Canara HSBC Life Insurance works with you to find a solution that works for your budget. You deserve peace of mind when it comes to protecting those who matter most – so don’t let worrying about the cost get in the way; talk to us today!


Term insurance is purchased to provide permanent death benefits at the time of death. Most people do not need or use term insurance for their entire lives, but it provides valuable protection and peace of mind during their working years. Like all other life insurance products, the term covers you and your dependents in the event of premature death from any cause. With this type of policy, there are no cash values and no accumulation of funds over the long term. However, term insurance offers many advantages over permanent life insurance which helps explain why it accounts for more than 50% of all life insurances sold in India today.

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