Health Insurance Online vs Offline – An Overview

Health Insurance Online vs Offline – An Overview

Health insurance is one basic yet essential investment for adequate financial coverage in medical emergencies. Health uncertainty and skyrocketing costs of medical treatments in India have made it vital for each individual to have health insurance for liquidity or ready cash for unforeseen medical aid. Health problems and treatments can dig a hole in your pocket if you’re not insured. At present, there are veritable health insurance providers that offer varied insurance plans in both online and offline modes. As a result, many people struggle while deciding whether to choose health insurance online or offline.


Well, there’s no doubt that buying health insurance online is a safe, reliable, and convenient option. However, some people are still sceptical about this mode, especially those who have been taking the offline agent route over the years. The advent of digitization has eased our daily life activities wherein we have grown accustomed to shopping for anything and everything online. Purchasing health insurance is no exception. Although there’s nothing imprecise about getting health insurance offline, it’s better to opt for a much more hassle-free and convenient way i.e. purchase health insurance online. The wide range of available options and transparency assures that you find the ideal health insurance at the best prices. 

Online health insurance: What to expect? 

Convenience, transparency, and minimum hassle are key reasons that have driven people to prefer health insurance online. Owing to the wide availability of health insurance options, comparing and choosing the best one may get overwhelming at times. However, one can ditch this confusion by going online and comparing the different insurance plans at once for clarity and worthy purchase. There’s no dependency or reliance on the agents for suggestions or any paper works. It is a more transparent process where one can check the quotes, features, inclusions, etc. from the provider’s website and make an informed choice. Everything from policy coverage and premium rates to terms and conditions is clearly mentioned on the web portal for better clarity and understanding. Also, once the purchase is done, all details can be accessed anytime from your device. Since the operational costs are reduced in the online mode, most providers also offer increased benefits at a lower premium. 

Offline health insurance: What to expect

Buying health insurance offline is suitable for those who are hesitant to share personal details or make financial transactions online. A large portion of the population is still technophobic and finds it difficult to adjust to the new digital world. For them, buying health insurance through traditional means is the best way out. This involves visiting an insurance provider’s office nearby to enquire and get the details of the insurance plan that best fits their budget and requirements. One can also opt for an insurance agent who is experienced and well-versed in the fundamentals and can help in finding the right insurance plan. In case of any queries or discrepancies, you won’t have to wait longer for the executives to respond. Any queries regarding claim settlement, nominee changes, default payments, etc. can be easily resolved by contacting the agent. 

Offline vs Online Health Insurance: Differentiating factors 

There’s a significant difference between buying offline and online health insurance. Right from pricing and premiums to flexibility and transparency, one should assess the pros and cons of both modes well before making a decision. Some key differentiating factors between health insurance online and offline are discussed as follows: 

  • Cost/Premiums: Since you buy insurance online from the provider directly, the operational costs as well as agent fees are eliminated completely. As a result, insurers offer exciting discounts and premiums with maximum coverage facilities. Contrary to this, offline insurance buying requires you to pay additional charges such as agent fees. 
  • Convenience & Transparency: Utmost convenience and flexibility are guaranteed in the case of buying health insurance online. Unlike offline mode, there are no lengthy paperwork or appointment issues. One can simply log in to the provider’s website to fetch their details as well as raise concerns if any. Every detail is available on the phone so that one doesn’t have to visit the insurance office frequently. 
  • Quick & Reliable: A lot of people are hesitant to use the Internet or gadgets for activities that involve financial transactions due to a lack of reliability. They fail to acknowledge that online health insurance is more reliable in terms of availing benefits in emergencies. One can simply use their smartphone to get access to all the benefits and details without any discrepancies. Also, getting health insurance online is a matter of a few clicks whereas offline buying can take up to a couple of weeks. 


There You Go! 

Buying health insurance is indispensable that shouldn’t be delayed for very long. Whether you buy it online or offline, ensuring that it’s worthy and fulfills your health requirements are essential. Given the plethora of advantages that come along with health insurance online, it is best recommended for those looking for a transparent, time-saving, and hassle-free way to buy health insurance. One can get the best deals by comparing varied insurance options available online. 

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