Great Swag Ideas to market Corporate Brands

Great Swag Ideas to market Corporate Brands


From branded t-shirts and USB sticks to coffee mugs and Frisbees notes with corporate logos, does one tend to stay your “swag” once you get home from a business trip or simply throw away?

“Swag” is by definition the free items companies divulge to market their organizations, products, and makes . Companies usually offer swag en bloc to participants in corporate events and conferences, but some divulge swag as how to market brands to customers also . There’s definitely truth behind the old saying , “no swag is made equal”, but your corporate promotional items experiential marketing agency nyc also don’t have be boring…


Paper products

When it involves promoting your business to other businesses who might use them, think practicality via office-related swag items, like branded Post-It notes, pens, and moleskine notebooks. Paper taking items, like moleskine notebooks offer a swag item which will be purchased in bulk within the company colors then branded with the brand . Pass them out at conferences, and attendees will likely use them, and take them home, after the event.


Water bottles

Bustling around a business conference can cause you to really thirsty. That’s why reusable water bottles are valued and touted swag items at conferences. they provide the convenience of rehydration on the go, and encourage attendees to recollect your brand long after the conference.


Universal chargers

Everyone, and that i mean everyone brings a smartphone or tablet with them to a business conferences. and that they use all of them day long. So you’ll imagine how thrilling it might be for somebody to supply up a universal charger as swag, even as you’re running low on battery life. Plus, likelihood is that that charger are going to be reused, and your logo exposed to them, long after the conference is completed .



From bags of coffee beans to company-branded candy, an excellent thanks to get noticed is by feeding people. Folks generally take a liking to those that offer them yummy snacks, and within the midst of a busy business conference, offering branded food as swag will get tons of appreciation. So think broad when it involves edible swag, and choose popular snacks without risk of food allergies (i.e., peanuts).


Branding clothing

Tshirts, mittens, scarves, socks, and sweatshirts. All offer the canvass for your cool logo design and company slogan, albeit they don’t know who the heck you’re or what you are doing .Give out t-shirts as swag and likelihood is that your logo are going to be worn in many various contexts, and even cities, outside of the first business or promotional event.

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